Young man arrested in flagrante delicto for receiving stolen goods while trying to sell a stolen camera in Santa Maria

Young Man Arrested for Recealing While Trying to Sell a Stolen Camera in Santa Maria


A 24-year-old young man was arrested by the Military Brigade on Sunday at 16:30 p.m., on Nossa Senhora das Dores Avenue in Santa Maria, after being caught trying to sell a stolen camera belonging to a young woman from 29 years. The victim, having already reported the theft of the device, discovered the product advertised on social networks, organized a meeting with the suspect and informed the Military Brigade of the situation. During the encounter, she recognized his camera, including personal images stored in her memory. Faced with evidence, the police questioned the suspect about the origin of the product, receiving an evasive response. The young man was taken to the Pronto-Atendimento Police Station (DPPA), where he was placed in pre-trial detention for receiving stolen goods. The camera was promptly returned to the victim.

Digital vigilance: a tool against theft

In our digital age, social networks have become a double-edged sword: they facilitate the sale of stolen items but also offer victims a way to find their belongings. This incident highlights the importance of online vigilance, not only to prevent theft, but also to recover lost or stolen items.

Tips for Protecting Your Assets

To prevent your valuables from falling into the wrong hands, here are some practical tips:

  • Record the serial number of your electronic devices.
  • Use location apps to track your devices in real time.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended in public places.
  • On social networks, be discreet regarding your possessions and habits.

What to do in case of theft ?

If you are the victim of theft, act quickly:

  • Report the theft to the police immediately.
  • Use social media and online sales platforms to monitor ads of your stolen item.
  • In the event of discovery, inform the police rather than taking action on your own.

The crucial role of citizen cooperation

This story highlights the crucial role that cooperation between citizens and law enforcement can play in solving crimes. By communicating effectively and working together, it is possible to achieve justice and deter potential criminals.

Technology and social media, when used wisely, can be valuable allies in protecting our assets and fighting crime. This case demonstrates the importance of remaining vigilant and proactive, both in the real and digital world.


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Young Man Arrested for Recealing While Trying to Sell a Stolen Camera in Santa Maria

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