Which smartphone brand offers the best software tracking? Discover the ranking!

Which Smartphone Brand Offers the Best Tracking Software? Discover the Ranking!

The software durability of smartphones is an increasingly determining criterion when choosing a device. Apple, Samsung, Google and Xiaomi differ in their update policies, but not all are equal.

Apple and its commitment to longevity

Apple positions itself as a leader in terms of software tracking with its iPhones. The Apple brand provides up to 6 years of updates for certain models, such as the iPhone XR. This policy not only helps optimize battery usage but also enriches devices with new features and essential security fixes. To discover the current range, visit Amazon.

Samsung, exemplary follow-up at Android

At Samsung, software monitoring varies depending on the range. Recent premium models get an impressive 7 years of support for major and security updates, while more affordable devices receive between 3 and 5 years of support. A strategy that strengthens its leading position in the Android market. More information is available on the samsung official website.

Google, the creator of Android, is not left out

Google, with its Pixel smartphones, also offers excellent software tracking. The tech giant promises up to 7 years of updates for its latest Pixel 8 lineup, ensuring remarkable longevity. Previous generations have at least five years of support. To explore these models, visit Amazon.

Chinese brands: a variable policy

Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo and Honor offer less generous update policies compared to their Western competitors. The entry level is often limited to 2 years of monitoring, while the high end can reach 4 years for major updates and 5 years for security updates. These differences underline the importance of choosing your model carefully based on the expected software support. Discover these smartphones on Amazon.

Choosing a smartphone today goes beyond the immediate technical characteristics. Software monitoring is a crucial factor in ensuring security, access to the latest features and better battery management in the long term.


Which Smartphone Brand Offers the Best Tracking Software? Discover the Ranking!

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