What the law on TikTok does not include

What the Law on Tiktok Does Not Include


On March 13, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill banning Americans' access to the video app TikTok if its parent company, China-based ByteDance, does not sell its stake in the six month. This legislation, while seemingly robust, raises concerns about its targeted approach and its potential implications for national security and international relations.

A problematic approach to technological regulation

Recent U.S. legislation aimed at regulating TikTok and other apps linked to countries considered adversaries underscores a worrying trend toward targeted measures that could not only undermine international relations but also hamper technological innovation. By focusing on individual companies rather than technology product categories, the government risks creating a fragmented and uncertain regulatory environment.

The implications of TikTok legislation

The proposed law against TikTok, while intended to protect national security, could have undesirable side effects, including encouraging discrimination based on national origin and putting pressure on critical corporate and personal relationships. This targeted approach distracts from the real challenges posed by America's vast, lightly regulated tech ecosystem.

A call for broader and coherent regulation

Rather than targeting specific companies, the United States should consider more comprehensive regulation that aligns its policies with those of its allies, thereby providing greater protection of consumer data and strengthening national security. According to Foreign Affairs, such an approach would require close collaboration with international partners and individual states to create a more uniform and effective regulatory framework.

The challenges of technological regulation

Regulating tech giants like TikTok presents complex challenges, particularly given their global reach and significant influence on the digital ecosystem. Attempts at regulation must navigate between protecting national security and promoting an environment conducive to innovation and international cooperation.

The need for panoramic vision

To effectively respond to the risks associated with Chinese and other apps, the United States must strengthen its own digital protections. This involves moving from a focus on individual companies to more comprehensive regulation that addresses transnational ownership structures and user bases that transcend national borders. More comprehensive domestic regulation of data security could not only improve national security but also strengthen the international credibility of the United States in its efforts to counter the expansion of extraterritorial surveillance by foreign powers.


As the United States seeks to navigate the complex landscape of technology regulation, it is imperative that it adopt a more holistic and coherent approach. By focusing on comprehensive protections rather than targeted measures, they can better protect national security while supporting innovation and fostering positive international relations.


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What the Law on Tiktok Does Not Include

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