Vivo T3 Lite 5G launch in India on June 27: all the details

Vivo T3 Lite 5G Launch in India on June 27: All the Details

Vivo is set to launch the Vivo T3 Lite smartphone in India on June 27. The phone features a slab design with 5G support, dual rear cameras, and a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Introduction of Vivo T3 Lite

Vivo is all set to expand its T series of smartphones with the imminent launch of the Vivo T3 Lite in India. The Chinese company has confirmed that the launch will take place on June 27. According to the media invitation, the Vivo T3 Lite 5G will be Vivo's most affordable dual 5G smartphone, promising a transformed user experience.

Design of the Vivo T3 Lite

The Vivo T3 Lite sports a slab-shaped design with a flat screen and a flat back panel. It is equipped with a dual rear camera module placed in a rectangular module. The smartphone will be available in two colors: green and black.

Expected specifications of Vivo T3 Lite

According to several rumors online, the Vivo T3 Lite is expected to feature the MediaTek Dimensity 6300 chipset. It is also expected to feature a 50MP main camera and a 2MP depth sensor. The LCD screen of the smartphone could offer a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

Availability and prices

The Vivo T3 Lite will be available online on Flipkart. With its advanced features and affordable price, it is set to attract a wide consumer base in India.


The launch of Vivo T3 Lite marks a milestone for Vivo in the affordable smartphone segment with advanced capabilities. For more details, you can check out the full article at The Times of India.


Vivo T3 Lite 5G Launch in India on June 27: All the Details

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