Visit one of Europe's most exciting destinations: rich history and stylish travel from £20

Visit One of Europe's Most Exciting Destinations: Rich History and Stylish Travel From £20

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We spend so much time planning what we want to do once we arrive at our destination, that sometimes we forget that investing in how we get there can take our trip to another level. This is precisely what the Stena Line day trip offer to Belfast offers you.

A memorable crossing with Stena Line

Crossing the Irish Sea with Stena Line is not just a means of transport, but an integral part of the travel experience. Unlike the stress and rush often associated with air travel, the ferry offers superior comfort, with options such as the Hygge Lounge or Stena Plus Lounge, where passengers can relax on luxury reclining seats in a tranquil environment . The Stena Plus Lounge also offers plush sofas, TVs and a range of complimentary snacks and drinks. For those who want a more substantial meal, a full menu is available.

Discover Belfast: a city full of charm

Belfast named one of the most exciting destinations to visit by National Geographic Traveler, perfectly combines history and modernity. The city offers a multitude of attractions, from the immersive Titanic museum to the lively Cathedral Quarter for a typically local evening. There's no shortage of shopping options either, with places like Victoria Square for fashion lovers and St George's Market for local treasure seekers.

Practical advice for your trip

For hassle-free exploration of Belfast, take advantage of Stena Line's Day Trip upgrade option to include the Metro dayLink Card, offering unlimited travel on all Metro and Glider services in the city. This saves you from having to pay for a taxi upon your arrival. Additionally, before leaving the ferry, explore onboard retail opportunities to take home a special souvenir from your trip.

A culinary experience not to be missed

Before your return, be sure to sample the local cuisine at Home, a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant renowned for its delicious, moderately priced food. Home highlights local produce, providing an authentic taste experience that perfectly complements your visit to Belfast.

Comfortable return with Stena Line

After a busy day, relax again on board the Stena Line for an equally comfortable return trip. This stress-free approach to travel helps end your Belfast getaway on a positive note, making the crossing an enjoyable part of your adventure.


Visit One of Europe's Most Exciting Destinations: Rich History and Stylish Travel From £20

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