Towards a generalization of loan portability in France: a revolution for borrowers

Towards a Generalization of Loan Portability in France: A Revolution for Borrowers

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The National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) is actively campaigning for the generalization of the transferability and portability of real estate loans, an initiative which could revolutionize the real estate loan market in France.

A major innovation for the real estate market

The bill tabled by Damien ADAM, aiming to make the transfer clause systematic in all new real estate loans, marks a potential turning point for future buyers and sellers. This measure would make it possible to maintain the advantageous conditions of an initial loan when purchasing a new property, thus avoiding additional costs linked to variations in interest rates.

What is home loan portability?

Portability is a little-known but particularly advantageous option for the borrower. It allows him to keep his property loan, with its initial conditions, when he sells his property to buy another. This flexibility can represent a significant savings, especially in a context of rising interest rates.

The advantages of transferability

Transferability, for its part, offers the possibility of attaching the loan not to the borrower, but to the real estate itself. This facilitates the transfer of the loan to the buyer of the property, an innovative solution to streamline the real estate market while preserving the purchasing power of households.

The challenges to overcome

However, this reform raises practical questions and will require the support of banks, which until now have been reluctant to systematically include these clauses in their loan contracts. Moreover, the law will only apply to new contracts, limiting its immediate impact on the market.

A step towards the democratization of real estate credit

Despite these obstacles, the FNAIM initiative and the proposed law constitute an important step towards the democratization of access to real estate credit. By facilitating residential mobility without financially penalizing borrowers, these measures could help revive a tense real estate market.

Why is this measure crucial today?

In a context where interest rates are likely to increase, guaranteeing the portability and transferability of real estate loans could secure the buying and selling projects of many French people. This represents a potential breath of fresh air for the real estate market, offering more flexibility and security to borrowers.


The proposal to generalize the transfer clause for real estate loans could profoundly transform the real estate financing landscape in France. In the meantime, future borrowers are advised to inquire with their bank about the portability and transferability options already available and to negotiate these clauses in their loan contracts.


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Towards a Generalization of Loan Portability in France: A Revolution for Borrowers

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