This famous Android banking Trojan now allows remote control of your phone: how to stay safe

This Famous Android Banking Trojan Now Allows Remote Control of Your Phone: How to Stay Safe


Hackers now have a formidable new tool: an improved version of one of the Android banking trojans the most advanced, capable of remotely controlling infected devices. First discovered in 2021 by ThreatFabric, Vultur malware has evolved, now offering new features that make it even more difficult to detect. This threat highlights the critical importance of protecting our devices from malware.

Understanding the Vultur threat

The Vultur banking trojan represents a significant development in the digital threat landscape. Originally designed to record the screen of infected Android smartphones, Vultur gained the ability to remotely control compromised devices, increasing the risk of sensitive data theft. The cybercriminals behind Vultur exploited malicious apps on the Google Play Store to distribute this malware, but have recently adopted a more insidious distribution method involving text messages and phone calls, targeting users. best android phones.

Protect yourself against hybrid attacks

The recent campaign described by the NCC group illustrates a sophisticated hybrid attack. Victims receive an SMS asking them to contact a number in the event of an unauthorized transaction. During the call, another SMS with a link to a McAfee Security application containing the malware is sent. This type of attack shows that hackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to trick users into installing tricked applications.

Vultur's new abilities

Vultur no longer just records device screens; it can now run remote commands, download or delete files, and even disable applications. These features increase its potential for harm and facilitate the theft of personal and financial data. By leveraging Android Accessibility Services and Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging service, Vultur can maintain a persistent connection with the infected device, allowing hackers to control the device even if a direct connection is lost.

How to stay safe

To protect yourself against Vultur and other Android malware, it's essential to be vigilant for unexpected messages and check any suspicious transactions directly with your bank. Avoid calling back numbers provided in unsolicited text messages or emails. Also make sure that Google Play Protect is enabled on your device and consider using a trusted antivirus app that offers additional features like a VPN or password manager.

In conclusion, while technology companies work to counter these threats, hackers continue to innovate. Vigilance and the use of proven security solutions remain our best defenses against these increasingly sophisticated attacks.


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This Famous Android Banking Trojan Now Allows Remote Control of Your Phone: How to Stay Safe

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