The secret of successful developers: in-depth market research

The Secret of Successful Promoters: In-Depth Market Research

Charlotte Moreau de Bellaing, at 35, takes the reins of the Strategy and Development department dedicated to new real estate at Latour&Petit, succeeding Tanguy van der Straten. With a presence in seven offices spread between Brussels, Kraainem, Waterloo, Namur and Esch-sur-Alzette in Luxembourg, it will play a key role in supporting developers with the purchase, development and launch of their projects. real estate. This promotion marks an important step in his career, after eight years of commitment to the Brussels team led by Denis Latour and Aymeric Francqui.

The inspiring journey of Charlotte Moreau de Bellaing

After obtaining a master's degree in Law at UCLouvain in 2013, Charlotte Moreau de Bellaing quickly realized that the path of tax consulting at E&Y did not correspond to her aspirations. She therefore reoriented herself towards a second master's degree in notarial science, still at UCLouvain, before diving into the world of real estate, driven by a shared passion with her partner working at Skyline Europe. His meeting with the Latour&Petit agency, due to a happy geographical coincidence, was decisive in his decision to change career.

Recognized expertise in new real estate

As an intern registered with the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents (Ipi), Charlotte was able to benefit from favorable market dynamics, contributing to the expansion of Latour&Petit's portfolio which today has more than forty projects and between 400 to 500 new properties. Its approach focused on personalized customer attribution makes it possible to respond precisely to buyers' expectations, with sales made mainly on plans.

Valuable support for real estate developers

The expertise of Charlotte Moreau de Bellaing and her team is also sought before the marketing of the goods. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the land, they assist developers from the purchase of the site, providing extremely accurate purchase and sale price estimates. Their ability to carry out in-depth market studies and regularly re-evaluated price analyzes is a major asset in staying as close as possible to the current real estate market.

Promising results

Since taking office in January 2024, Charlotte and her team of six salespeople have sold around forty properties, confirming the positive trend observed in 2023 with the sale of 260 new properties. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategy and their knowledge of the new real estate market.

Tips for future buyers and investors

For those considering investing in new real estate, it is essential to turn to agencies with solid experience and in-depth knowledge of the local market. Collaborating with professionals such as Charlotte Moreau from Bellaing can greatly facilitate the purchasing process, from the selection of the property to the finalization of the sale.

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The Secret of Successful Promoters: In-Depth Market Research

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