Spain's most walkable city is one of Europe's sunniest holiday destinations | Travel news | Journey

Spain's Most Walkable City Is One of Europe's Sunniest Holiday Destinations | Travel News | Journey

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Exploring a new city on foot offers a unique experience, but some European cities are better suited to this adventure than others. Seville, Spain, stands out as the most walkable city according to a Preply study. This Andalusian capital requires just a 20-minute walk to discover its five main attractions, including the Plaza de España and the Real Alcázar. However, it is advisable to hurry before access to certain sites becomes chargeable.

The magic of Seville on foot

There's nothing like immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Seville, where every step reveals a piece of local history and culture. There Plaza of Spain, with its navigable canals, provides a picturesque introduction to the city. Not far from there, the Real Alcazar, a medieval Islamic palace, mixes Moorish and Christian architecture, testifying to the rich history of Seville.

Must-sees steeped in history

Seville Cathedral and the Torre Giralda, an old minaret transformed into a bell tower, are essential stops. Passing through Barrio Santa Cruz, with its narrow streets, adds a touch of adventure to exploring the city, offering welcome breaks in hidden cafes to savor the local cuisine.

Sevillian gastronomy: a culinary journey

After a day of discovery, the tapas restaurants of Seville offer an immersion in Andalusian gastronomy, claiming to be the cradle of this culinary tradition. Dishes such as braised beef cheeks, pork tenderloin with whiskey sauce, or even a seafood salad, promise an authentic taste experience.

For those looking for another pedestrian destination in Europe, the French city of Lyon is also recommended for its ease of exploration on foot, combining historical richness and architectural beauty.


Discovering Seville on foot is an invitation to slow down to fully appreciate the city's hidden treasures. Between history, architecture and gastronomy, Seville offers an immersive experience that will delight lovers of culture and beautiful walks.


Spain's Most Walkable City Is One of Europe's Sunniest Holiday Destinations | Travel News | Journey

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