Europe's hidden gems: 'gentle travel' destinations with stunning scenery without the crowds of tourists

Europe's Hidden Gems: 'Gentle Travel' Destinations With Magnificent Landscapes Without The Tourist Crowds


Holiday park company Eurocamp has shared the growing social media trend of 'soft travel' and some of the best global destinations to experience it.

Tendance sur des plateformes telles que TikTok, le soft travel est lorsque les voyageurs évitent volontairement les lieux les plus populaires conçus pour les touristes. Karen Williams, experte en voyages chez Eurocamp, a noté que le soft travel peut aider les touristes à éviter les foules massives et à apprendre un peu sur la culture d’une nouvelle destination. Elle a expliqué : “Le soft travel encourage les vacanciers à voyager de manière plus réfléchie, et peut finalement vous aider à mieux connaître un lieu, à créer des souvenirs et à établir un lien émotionnel plus fort avec vos destinations de vacances.”

Explore France and Switzerland differently

For those looking to experience a different culture, Eurocamp suggests visiting their Le Val de Durance camp in Cadenet, France. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, Cadenet is a commune with a rich medieval past, offering numerous period stone buildings and the ruins of a castle overlooking the surrounding mountains. The village center is full of restaurants serving local specialties and internationally renowned dishes.

In Switzerland, Eurocamp recommends a stay at the Jungfrau campsite in Lauterbrunnen for those planning a soft travel break to go hiking or cycling. Nestled in the south of the country, Lauterbrunnen sits in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, making it an exceptional destination for nature walks.

An immersion in nature and culture

Travelers looking to surround themselves with fresh air and nature during their stay should consider Domaine de Soleil Plage, near Sarlat in Dordogne, France. This camp is located on the banks of the Dordogne River, making it the perfect place for canoeing. The area offers many sights to see from a kayak, including limestone cliffs and medieval villages.

Tourists looking to stay dry while enjoying the area's natural surroundings can also rent an eco-quad in Sarlat, an open-top, four-wheeled electric vehicle designed to take you off the beaten track.

Practical advice for a 'soft' trip

Plan your trip outside the tourist seasons to avoid the crowds and fully enjoy the authenticity of the place.

Opt for local accommodation such as Eurocamp campsites for a more immersive and personal experience.

Explore lesser-known attractions and engage in activities that support the local economy, like eating at local restaurants or participating in artisan workshops.


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Europe's Hidden Gems: 'Gentle Travel' Destinations With Magnificent Landscapes Without The Tourist Crowds

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