Market dynamism in Central and Eastern Europe: trends and advice

Market Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe: Trends and Tips


The Parisian real estate market is experiencing a revival at the start of 2024, marked by a significant increase in demand, both national and international, particularly in the center of Paris. This dynamic is supported by a post-crisis economic recovery and more favorable bank rates. The Marais, with its high-end real estate transactions, remains the most coveted district, illustrating the strong attractiveness of Paris Center. However, to the east of Paris, the requirements of buyers, often subject to financing constraints, shape a more cautious market.

A recovery driven by a diversified clientele

The recovery of the real estate market in the French capital is mainly fueled by the arrival of new clients, both French and international, looking to invest in prestigious properties. Engel & Volkers reports several significant sales since January 2024, including an exceptional apartment on Île Saint-Louis sold at €17 per square meter. This trend demonstrates the resilience and attractiveness of the Parisian market, despite recent economic challenges.

Le Marais: a neighborhood still popular

In the historic heart of Paris, the Marais stands out for its ability to attract a demanding clientele, seduced by the charm and prestige of the properties on offer. Recent transactions confirm the stability of prices for high-end apartments, without defects, which continue to find buyers at high prices. Three-room apartments, ideal as a pied-à-terre, are particularly sought after, with budgets approaching a million euros.

Paris Est faces the demands of buyers

To the east of the city, the market is more heterogeneous, influenced by a predominantly local and family clientele. Buyers, often dependent on bank financing, are cautious, which impacts sales dynamics. Nevertheless, certain districts such as the Gare de Lyon and the Aligre market remain attractive, demonstrating the constant interest in dynamic and authentic living areas.

In conclusion, the Parisian real estate market of 2024 demonstrates remarkable vitality, driven by diversified demand and geographic sectors with distinct profiles. The ability of sellers to adapt to buyers' expectations will be decisive in maintaining this positive dynamic.


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Market Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe: Trends and Tips

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