The digital shift in Corsica: the unexpected economy according to Sébastien Simoni

The Digital Shift in Corsica: The Unexpected Economy According to Sébastien Simoni


The digital sector in Corsica, although modest compared to other regions, represents an opportunity for significant economic growth. With around 300 people employed in software development and an estimated total of a thousand digital jobs, the island aspires to boost this industry. The nationalists, since coming to power at the end of 2015, have nourished the hope of seeing this sector flourish, despite a current contribution to GDP which remains below the performances observed elsewhere, notably in the United States where digital technology has been a engine of growth.

Digital potential to be exploited

Corsica, with its unique landscape and its strategic position in the Mediterranean, has all the assets to become an attractive digital hub. However, the island's digital transformation requires a coherent strategy, focused on innovation and investment in local skills.

The importance of training and innovation

To stimulate the digital sector, it is crucial to invest in training Corsicans in new technologies. Initiatives such as the creation of specialized training centers and strengthening partnerships with universities can help develop a dynamic digital ecosystem. Innovation must be at the heart of this strategy, encouraging startups and supporting ambitious technological projects.

Attract investments

The growth of the digital sector in Corsica also involves attracting investments, both local and international. For this, it is essential to highlight the competitive advantages of the island, such as its quality of life and its proximity to other European markets. The establishment of tax incentives and the simplification of administrative procedures can make Corsica more attractive for digital entrepreneurs.

Challenges ahead

Despite its potential, the Corsican digital sector faces several challenges. Connectivity remains a major issue, with the need to improve access to high-speed internet across the island. Additionally, the relatively small size of the local market may limit growth opportunities for digital businesses. It is therefore important to think globally, targeting external markets while consolidating the domestic market.

A long-term vision

For digital to become a real lever for economic development in Corsica, a long-term vision is essential. This requires constant commitment from public authorities, economic players and civil society. Together, they can build a promising digital future for the island, making the sector a pillar of the Corsican economy.


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The Digital Shift in Corsica: The Unexpected Economy According to Sébastien Simoni

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