The bicentennial stone bridge is modernized with a 50 million euro facelift

The Bicentennial Stone Bridge is Modernized with a 50 Million Euro Facelift


The Stone Bridge, historic emblem of Bordeaux, is about to undergo a major transformation. From 2025, this bicentennial monument will undergo crucial consolidation work, directly impacting tram line A for a planned duration of three years.

A heritage and security necessity

Built on the initiative of Napoleon I between 1810 and 1822, the Stone bridge represents a vital link between the two banks of the Garonne. Its renovation, at an estimated cost of 50 million euros, aims to address several issues: the consolidation of its structures weakened by time, the repair of its waterproofing and its masonry, as well as protection against the effects of the tides .

Impacts on urban mobility

The interruption of tram line A, announced by Stéphane Pokora, road and engineering works director at Bordeaux Métropole, raises questions about the management of urban mobility during this period. This situation requires alternative solutions to compensate for the absence of this essential mode of transport crossing the river.

A security and preservation issue

Christine Bost, president of Bordeaux Métropole, highlights a triple challenge: the safety of the structure, the security of the transport network and the enhancement of heritage. These major works aim not only to preserve a major architectural element but also to guarantee the safety of users.

The renovation of the Saint-Jean bridge and the inauguration of the new Simone-Veil bridge constitute important prerequisites for this project, ensuring continuity in traffic and minimizing inconvenience linked to the work.


This period of work on the Stone Bridge marks a significant stage in the history of Bordeaux. It reflects the contemporary challenges of heritage conservation while meeting modern mobility and security requirements. The people of Bordeaux, as well as visitors, are invited to rediscover their city in a new light, reflecting the constant evolution of its urban landscape.


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The Bicentennial Stone Bridge is Modernized with a 50 Million Euro Facelift

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