The 5 biggest camera news stories of the week (June 16)

The 5 Biggest Camera News of the Week (June 16)

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With an unusually cool June in the UK, Adobe has been under pressure this week, with photographers and videographers calling for a boycott of the company after a controversial update to its terms and conditions. Pentax has released two very familiar new waterproof cameras, and images of its new film camera have leaked online. Nikon has done the unthinkable by itself releasing information on its new Z6 III model. Finally, Apple and Blackmagic may well have changed the future of cinema with their new immersive camera.

Adobe faces a boycott following the update of its general conditions

This week, Adobe updated its Terms of use, causing a wave of discontent among content creators. The new policy allows Adobe access to any media uploaded to its programs, raising privacy and security questions. Social networks went up in flames, with users calling for a boycott of Adobe products.

In response to the criticism, Adobe released a statement to clarify the changes made and their future use. For more details, see this article: What's going on at Adobe?.

Pentax recycles its old cameras (again)

Ricoh has added two new cameras to its range of waterproof digital compacts: the Pentax WG-1000 and the Pentax WG-8. However, a quick scan reveals that there is no significant difference between the Pentax WG-8 and its predecessor, the Ricoh WG-6, apart from the change in name and model number.

To learn more, read this article: Pentax adds two new cameras to its range of waterproof digital compacts – but what's new?.

Nikon Z6 III leaked… by Nikon

The Nikon Z6 III was revealed ahead of its launch thanks to a teaser video released by Nikon itself. The video, titled “Z6III | Ready to perform? June 17 at 8 am ET", shows fleeting glimpses of the Nikon Z6 III in action, confirming that it looks a lot like its predecessor, the Nikon z6 ii.

For a first look, check out this article: FIRST LOOK at the Nikon Z6 III!.

New Pentax film camera, the Pentax 17, leaked online

Images of the new Pentax 17 film camera have leaked online, confirming some clues given in a previous Pentax ASMR video. The Pentax 17 appears to be a 24x17mm half-frame format, similar to the Ricoh AutoHalf. The logo's font style is reminiscent of the Pentax 67, highlighting designer Takeo Suzuki's attention to detail.

For more details, see this article: Pentax's new film camera is called the Pentax 17 – and these leaked images confirm key details.

Are Apple and Blackmagic changing the future of cinema?

At the WWDC 2024 conference, Apple briefly presented a new immersive camera developed by Blackmagic Design – the Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive camera. This camera is designed to capture immersive videos compatible with Apple's Vision Pro. Blackmagic Design also announced an update to DaVinci Resolve to introduce a new way to consume cinema.

To learn more, read this article: Have Apple and Blackmagic just changed the future of cinema forever?.


The 5 Biggest Camera News of the Week (June 16)

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