The 11 Southeast Asian countries with the highest salaries: discover the current ranking

The 11 Southeast Asian Countries With the Highest Salaries: Check Out the Current Ranking

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Key news from TEMPO.CO: High salaries, clean airports and billionaires in Singapore

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta, has compiled three captivating news stories this Friday, May 10, highlighting notable aspects of Southeast Asia and Singapore. First, a study reveals that Singapore offers the highest salaries in the region, highlighting its thriving economy. Second, a Skytrax report identifies the ten cleanest airports in the world in 2024, with an Asian predominance. Finally, Forbes unveils its list of the ten richest people in Singapore in 2024, illustrating the city-state's continued prosperity.

High wages in Southeast Asia: Singapore in the lead

Southeast Asia's dynamic economy results in attractive salaries, particularly in Singapore which stands out as the regional leader. According to Time Doctor, the average salary in this region is around US$12,883 per year. This prosperity reflects the abundant opportunities for residents to achieve a high standard of living. For more details, see full article.

The cleanest airports in the world in 2024

Skytrax recently published its ranking of the ten cleanest airports in the world, celebrating the 25e anniversary of its global airport customer satisfaction survey. The majority of these airports are located in Asia, offering exemplary clean facilities. Only one European airport appears in this list, testifying to Asian excellence in this area. To explore the full list, click here.

The ten richest people in Singapore in 2024

Singapore continues to establish itself as a key investment and trade hub, attracting entrepreneurs in cutting-edge sectors such as technology, finance and real estate. Forbes recently highlighted the ten richest individuals of Singapore, demonstrating the significant economic impact of these tycoons on the region. Find out who these influential people are by reading the Forbes article.



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