Sogenial Immobilier expands its portfolio with the acquisition of two Mitiska REIM commercial parks

Sogenial Immobilier Expands Its Portfolio With the Acquisition of Two Commercial Parks in Mitiska Reim


Sogenial Immobilier recently acquired two major retail parks, one located in France and the other in Portugal, from Mitiska REIM. These acquisitions are part of a series of sales carried out by Mitiska REIM, totaling more than 500 million euros over three months, marking a growing interest in quality commercial spaces.

An investment strategy focused on quality

The acquisition by Sogenial Immobilier retail parks Val Saint-Clair and Lima highlight the constant search for high quality assets in the commercial real estate sector. The Val Saint-Clair retail park, with its many renowned tenants and its Breeam Very Good certification, as well as the Lima, recently renovated and also Breeam Good certified, illustrate this trend towards sustainable and responsible investments.

The crucial role of environmental certifications

The Breeam certifications achieved by both assets reflect an awareness of the importance of sustainability in commercial real estate. These certifications, by attesting to the environmental performance of buildings, play a key role in attracting investors and tenants, wishing to align themselves with the values ​​of social and environmental responsibility.

An evolving market

The declaration ofAxel Despriet, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Mitiska REIM, highlights an evolution in the real estate market towards local assets, including retail parks but also multi-rented light industry, self-storage and urban logistics. This diversification reflects an adaptation to new consumption habits and increased requirements in terms of flexibility and accessibility.

Legal and real estate consultancies, such as UP!Real.Estate, Oudot Notaires, Colliers and RRP Advogados, played a vital role in bringing these transactions to fruition, highlighting the importance of multidisciplinary expertise in complex real estate transactions.

Future outlook and investment opportunities

The future vision expressed by the directors of Mitiska REIM indicates confidence in the growth potential of the retail park and local real estate sector. The fundraising for the third flagship fund, Merep 3, demonstrates this ambition and the availability of capital ready to be invested in promising projects.

In conclusion, Sogenial Immobilier's recent acquisitions from Mitiska REIM mark not only an important step for both companies but also for the European commercial real estate market. They signal a trend towards more sustainable, socially responsible investments adapted to market developments.


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Sogenial Immobilier Expands Its Portfolio With the Acquisition of Two Commercial Parks in Mitiska Reim

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