Real estate and energy performance: the impact of the DPE on sales prices

Real Estate and Energy Performance: The Impact of Dpe on Sales Prices


The recent study published by SeLoger highlights the significant impact of the Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) on the real estate market, highlighting a notable drop in the sale of energy-intensive properties. This in-depth analysis, discussed by Caroline Evans de Gantès, President of Aviv France, reveals current trends and opportunities for buyers and sellers in an evolving regulatory context.

Increased awareness around ECD

The DPE is becoming an increasingly determining criterion in real estate purchasing decisions. The Climate and Resilience law, promulgated three years ago, introduced major changes, in particular with the upcoming ban on category G thermal strainers on the rental market. Despite a still partial understanding of this law by the French, its impact is starting to be felt on the market, as shown by the 11,8% drop in sales of properties classified F or G since January 2023.

Thermal strainers: a changing market

Buyers are showing a growing interest in properties with low energy performance, using the DPE as a negotiating lever. This dynamic is confirmed by a 56% increase in contact requests for advertisements for the sale of G-rated properties on SeLoger, indicating not only increased vigilance but also a potential investment opportunity after renovation.

SeLoger’s Impact DPE tool

To help the French navigate this complex landscape, SeLoger launched Impact DPE Seloger, a tool to understand the consequences of the Climate and Resilience law on the local real estate market. This tool provides valuable insight into sales lead times, price impact and volume of thermal strainers listed for sale, by region and city.

Investing in a thermal strainer: a good idea?

With the drop in prices and the aid available for renovation, such as MaPrimeRénov', buying a thermal strainer can turn out to be an excellent deal. It is essential to be informed and look for opportunities, because these properties offer significant recovery potential after energy renovation.


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Real Estate and Energy Performance: The Impact of Dpe on Sales Prices

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