Rankin challenges conventional wisdom about foster care through new portrait project

Rankin Challenges Conventional Ideas About Foster Families Through New Portrait Project


Rankin, in collaboration with the National Fostering Group, has created a series of portraits to challenge conventional wisdom about what it takes to be an eligible foster parent in the UK. This initiative aims to enlighten the public on the crucial role of foster parents and to demonstrate that diversity is a strength in this area, putting an end to stereotypes and misinformation.

Diversity at the heart of Rankin’s project

Celebrity photographer Rankin, known for his work with supermodels and celebrities, has teamed up with the National Fostering Group to launch the “Faces of Fostering” campaign. The goal is to shine a light on diversity and inclusiveness in the world of foster care, showing that anyone can become a foster parent, regardless of age, sexual orientation, marital status or background. income level.

Portraits that speak

Through 12 new portraits, Rankin celebrates the real diversity of foster parents, ranging from Selome Atsbaha, 57, living in London, to Carol and John McIntyre, both aged 73 and living in Somerset. These powerful images aim to challenge stigma and encourage more people to consider foster care.

An urgent need for foster parents

The UK faces a critical shortage of foster parents, with 11 host families needed and approximately 230 children entering the care system each day. Despite this, a large part of the population wrongly believes that they are not eligible to become a foster parent, particularly because of their age or personal situation.

This campaign aims not only to increase the number of foster parents but also to ensure that children in care find homes where they can feel connected and understood, reflecting the diversity of needs and backgrounds of children in care.

Rankin's Call to Action

Rankin points out that this photoshoot was a celebration of diversity, compassion and extraordinary individuals who open their hearts to family welcome. He encourages those considering becoming foster parents to contact the National Fostering Group for guidance through the process.

As a first-hand witness to the positive impact that foster parents can have on the lives of young people, the initiative by Rankin and the National Fostering Group is a powerful reminder that the ability to provide a safe and loving home is what really matters, well beyond stereotypes and preconceived ideas.

For more information about foster care and how you can make a difference, visit the National Fostering Group. Also discover the best cameras for portraits and best lenses for portraits to capture your own meaningful moments.


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Rankin Challenges Conventional Ideas About Foster Families Through New Portrait Project

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