PTIA guarantee: what are its specificities and how to subscribe to it?

Ptia guarantee: What are the specificities and how to subscribe?

Financial security is something everyone dreams of. Especially when we know that the future is crowned with uncertainties. An accident can occur at any time, leaving you unable to carry out any income-generating activity. This is precisely what the PTIA (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy) guarantee is for, which offers you valuable coverage in the event of complete dependence. Find here the specifics of this essential guarantee and the steps required to obtain it.  

Understanding how a PTIA guarantee works

If you have ever been interested in real estate loans, the term “PTIA guarantee” will undoubtedly seem familiar to you. Indeed, this is one of the guarantees that banks require before granting a real estate loan. It constitutes insurance protection which only comes into play when the insured is totally and irreversibly unable to perform the acts of daily life without the help of others.

Concretely, the PTIA guarantee intervenes when the insured person can no longer wash, feed himself, move around or dress himself. After medical examinations carried out by an expert, the insured may be, depending on the seriousness of his condition, declared unfit to carry out any form of income-generating activity. In insurance jargon, this state translates into a PTIA (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy).

Thus, when an insured person finds himself in a PTIA situation, his insurer pays him a sort of annuity, which allows him to cover the costs generated by this loss of autonomy. Also, if he has not yet paid off his loan from the bank, his insurance company will cover part or all of the remaining balance. Note that the amount and terms of payments essentially depend on the terms of the contract signed when the insured was still valid.

Subscription to the PTIA guarantee: criteria and procedures

The risks of a permanent loss of autonomy are tiny, in this case if the insured does not carry out a very dangerous job. However, the PTIA guarantee remains useful foresight in the face of unforeseen events, but also mandatory coverage when seeking a bank loan.

In addition, subscribing to the PTIA guarantee requires meeting certain eligibility criteria. Generally, the insured must be under 65 years of age at the time of subscription, although this age limit may vary between insurance companies. Also, a thorough medical examination is often required to assess the state of health of the insured and determine the risks of loss of autonomy. 

To take out insurance including the PTIA guarantee, you can start by comparing offers from several insurers, ideally by using an online comparator. After finding the right one, you will need to fill out the subscription form, which must detail your medical history and current state of health. This step will require a medical examination, the results of which determine the insurer's decision (validate your subscription to coverage or refuse it). 

Subscribing to a PTIA guarantee: what are the advantages?

Subscribing to a PTIA guarantee has a multitude of advantages.

Significant financial protection

The main advantage of the PTIA guarantee remains the financial protection it offers. In a PTIA situation, home help, medical care and many others can accumulate, sometimes going beyond the means available. Thus, thanks to the PTIA guarantee, the insured can benefit from coverage of these expenses, which will prevent them from having major financial difficulties in their situation.

Coverage for loved ones and family

Apart from the protection offered to the insured, the PTIA guarantee also ensures financial security for loved ones and family. The regular payment of capital ensures that the family will also be able to survive, especially if the insured person is the one on whom the main household expenses are based. Although generally insufficient, this financial compensation will still have the merit of guaranteeing at least a more serene future for loved ones in the event of PTIA.

Ptia guarantee: What are the specificities and how to subscribe?

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