E-commerce aggregator Presto expands to Singapore and Thailand

Ecommerce Aggregator Presto Expands To Singapore And Thailand


Loyalty-focused e-commerce aggregator Presto recently marked a major milestone by expanding to Singapore and Thailand. With over 20 million connected users in Malaysia through partnerships including Bonus Link and Touch 'N Go eWallet, Presto is positioned as the leading loyalty points redemption hub in the country. This regional expansion aims to improve user experience and drive growth across Southeast Asia, providing unparalleled value and convenience to its users.

A new era for loyalty programs

Presto, known for its seamless integration of points from multiple loyalty programs, offers unique flexibility to its users. Points previously isolated in lightly used accounts can now be combined, allowing users to unlock rewards in various areas such as travel, dining, shopping or entertainment. This innovative approach promises to redefine the loyalty rewards landscape regionally.

Expansion to Singapore and Thailand

Presto's expansion into Singapore and Thailand is just the beginning of its regional expansion ambition. By creating a seamless ecosystem where businesses in the region can thrive, Presto is committed to creating unprecedented value for all stakeholders involved. With over 20 products available on a single platform, ranging from health and beauty to technology and gadgets, as well as vouchers, Presto makes life easier for its users.

A glance into the future

Presto's vision goes far beyond the simple aggregation of loyalty points. By making access to a diverse range of rewards easier and the use of points more flexible, Presto is not only meeting consumer expectations; it also anticipates future trends in the e-commerce and loyalty market. The company is well on its way to becoming a major player in the field of e-commerce and loyalty management in Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, Presto's expansion into Singapore and Thailand represents not only significant growth for the company but also a promising development for the loyalty and e-commerce industry. With a focus on loyalty points integration and providing an enhanced user experience, Presto is poised to redefine industry standards.


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Ecommerce Aggregator Presto Expands To Singapore And Thailand

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