PGYTech unveils CFexpress card cases that double as card readers

Pgytech Unveils Cfexpress Card Cases Which Also Serve As Card Readers


PGYTech, recognized for its high-end photography and camera accessories, launches a major innovation with its CFexpress CreateMate card reader case. This new development, the first of its kind in the industry, combines a memory card carrying case and a fast card reader, promising to accelerate the workflow of mobile photographers and videographers.

A significant innovation for image professionals

PGYTech's reputation is well established in the field of photographic accessories. The company has established itself thanks to the quality and innovation of its products, ranging from photography gloves to tripods, including quick release systems and dedicated bags. Their latest creation, the CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case, was presented during the Photography & Video Show, captivating the attention of professionals and informed amateurs.

Features and advantages

The CFexpress CreateMate stands out for its dual functionality: it serves as both a protective case for memory cards and a high-speed card reader. Available in two versions for CFA and CFB cards, this case can accommodate multiple card types, including SD, Micro SD, and Nano SIM, ensuring optimal versatility and protection for memory devices.

Impressive theoretical transfer speeds, reaching 312MB/s for SD 4.0 cards via a high-speed adapter, and up to 1000MB/s for CFexpress cards, make this case a must-have for professionals on the go.

Design and durability

Designed to withstand harsh environments, the CFexpress CreateMate sports an IP54 certification, guaranteeing its resistance to shock, dust and splashes. Its universal USB-C interface makes it easy to connect with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, highlighting PGYTech's commitment to convenience and functionality.

Available in classic black and moss green, this case not only impresses with its technical performance but also with its neat aesthetic, adding a touch of style to the professional equipment of photographers and videographers.


The innovation brought by PGYTech with the CFexpress CreateMate Card Reader Case perfectly illustrates the company's ability to meet the practical needs of photographers while integrating significant technological advances. This product, with its smart design and enhanced functionality, is destined to become an essential item in any professional photographer or videographer's bag.


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Pgytech Unveils Cfexpress Card Cases Which Also Serve As Card Readers

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