NRF Reveals: E-commerce Drives Sales Growth in February

NRF Reveals: E-Commerce Drives Sales Growth in February


Retail sales saw a significant increase in February 2024, marking a promising start to the year for retailers. This growth is primarily attributed to strong e-commerce performance, according to the CNBC/NRF Retail Monitor, powered by Affinity Solutions. Total sales, excluding automobiles and gasoline, increased 1,06% on a seasonally adjusted basis month-over-month and 6,3% on an unadjusted basis month-over-month. year-over-year in February 2024, including approximately 18% year-over-year growth in online and non-store sales.

An in-depth analysis of retail sector performance

The retail sector started 2024 on a positive note, with a notable increase in sales in February. This uptrend builds on strong gains in January, underscoring the market's robustness despite economic uncertainties. The exceptional performance of e-commerce plays a crucial role in this dynamic, reflecting a continued adaptation of consumers to online shopping.

The significant contribution of e-commerce

E-commerce continues to redefine the retail landscape, as evidenced by the impressive 18% year-over-year growth in online and non-store sales in February. This development indicates a growing preference for online shopping, a trend that appears to be strengthening over time. For more information, see this article.

Key sectors leading growth

Several retail categories posted remarkable performance in February, including sports, hobby, music and book stores, as well as health and personal care stores. These sectors enjoyed a significant increase in sales, highlighting robust demand in these specific areas.

Challenges remain despite growth

However, some segments, such as furniture, electronics and building supplies, saw declines on both a monthly and annual basis. These challenges highlight the fluctuating nature of the retail market and the need for businesses to continually adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Practical tips for retailers

To successfully navigate this evolving landscape, retailers must adopt an approach focused on flexibility and innovation. It is essential to invest in e-commerce and develop omnichannel strategies to effectively meet consumer expectations. Additionally, a deep understanding of market trends and an ability to adapt quickly can help businesses stay competitive.


In summary, retail sales in February 2024 offer an encouraging glimpse into the sector's resilience and adaptability. Despite some challenges, sustained growth in several categories, particularly in e-commerce, indicates significant potential for the future. By focusing on innovation and adaptability, retailers can continue to thrive in this dynamic environment.


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NRF Reveals: E-Commerce Drives Sales Growth in February

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