New furniture brand DTC embraces the philosophy of recycle, repair and reuse

New Furniture Brand Dtc Embraces The Philosophy Of Recycling, Repairing And Reusing

Faced with the climate crisis and the rapid consumption of furniture, Retroloop presents itself as an innovative brand offering sustainable solutions. Founded by Amanda Beare, this company offers a collection of modular seating made with eco-friendly materials, accompanied by repair options and a future buyback program to promote second-hand sales.

A new era for sustainable furniture

The furniture industry is often criticized for its contribution to overconsumption and the accumulation of waste. In this context, Retroloop, under the leadership of Amanda Beare, aims to transform the market by offering sustainable alternatives that do not sacrifice quality or design. Their Loop collection, made up of modular sofas available in several configurations and colors, is designed to meet the needs of consumers conscious of their environmental impact.

Eco-responsible materials at the heart of the process

Retroloop is committed to an ecological approach by using recycled and regenerative materials. The fabrics are made from recycled water bottles, the wood is FSC certified, and the foams used are approved by CertiPur-US. This approach minimizes the use of plastics and harmful substances, highlighting Retroloop's commitment to the planet.

A circular model for a sustainable future

Retroloop doesn't just sell furniture; the company also encourages the longevity of each part through a repair and buyback program. This initiative aims to reduce waste by extending the life of furniture and promoting its reuse. It’s a direct response to the “throwaway” culture that prevails in the industry.

Practical tips for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle

For those looking to reduce their ecological footprint, choosing sustainable furniture like that offered by Retroloop is a great start. It is also advisable to favor products made with recycled or certified materials, and to support companies that set up return or repair programs.

En conclusion

The Retroloop initiative shows that it is possible to combine design, quality and sustainability in the furniture industry. By choosing greener options, we can all contribute to a greener, more responsible future.


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New Furniture Brand Dtc Embraces The Philosophy Of Recycling, Repairing And Reusing

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