Mint is dead, long live my new favorite budgeting app

Mint Is Dead, Long Live My New Favorite Budgeting App


The demise of Mint, the popular budget management app, has left a void for its users, including me. Fortunately, after testing several alternatives, I found viable options to replace Mint.

Looking for an alternative to Mint

On March 23, Mint ceased to exist, forcing its users to find a new solution to manage their daily budget. Although Mint encouraged transfer of data to Credit Karma, this option proved insufficient, not offering the essential budgeting functionalities present on Mint.

In my quest to find the best financial management tool, I explored several alternatives to Mint, looking for apps that offer a simple and intuitive user experience, customizable categories, and most importantly, at an affordable price.

Budgeting apps tested

I selected and tested various budgeting apps available on both iPhone and Android, such as PocketGuard, Rocket Money, YNAB (You Need A Budget), Quicken Simplifi, and WallyGPT. My goal was to find an app with similar functionality to Mint.

My choice: Rocket Money

After several weeks of testing, Rocket Money has become my favorite budgeting app. Its clean and easy-to-use interface, as well as its flexible pricing scale, particularly appealed to me. Rocket Money offers basic free features and advanced options in its paid version, like credit score tracking and bill negotiation.

PocketGuard: A close alternative

PocketGuard offers a similar experience to Rocket Money, allowing you to link external accounts and create a customizable budget. However, its lack of a free trial for the paid version and its higher price have been weak points.

YNAB: Powerful but not for everyone

YNAB uses the zero-based budgeting method, which can be ideal for those who want to precisely control every dollar spent. However, its higher price and management method did not suit my personal preferences.

Quicken Simplifi: Consider despite some flaws

Quicken Simplifi stands out for its ability to monitor investments and track net worth, but its user interface isn't as intuitive as Mint's.

WallyGPT: Not recommended

Unfortunately, WallyGPT, despite its potential as the first AI-powered budgeting app, proved unusable due to technical issues.

Each budgeting app meets specific needs. What works for me might not be ideal for you. I recommend trying multiple apps to find the one that works best for you.


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Mint Is Dead, Long Live My New Favorite Budgeting App

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