MaPrimeRénov': how to prepare your file before May 15

Maprimerénov': How to Prepare Your File Before May 15

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The energy renovation of housing in France is gaining new momentum with the entry into force of the simplified version of MaPrimeRénov' on May 15. This initiative aims to facilitate energy improvement work, particularly for very energy-intensive buildings.

Understanding the new MaPrimeRénov' system

The French government recently announced a review of the MaPrimeRénov' program, which will be effective from May 15. The main objective is to stimulate energy renovation by simplifying procedures for owners of housing, including those classified F or G, often referred to as “thermal sieves”.

This new version will make it possible to carry out so-called 'mono-gesture' work, such as insulating walls or replacing windows, without the obligation to associate these actions with carbon-free heating work. In addition, until December 31, 2024, it will not be necessary to provide an Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) to benefit from this aid.

Prepare your project before May 15

Before submitting a file for MaPrimeRénov', it is crucial to prepare your project well. effy, a specialist in energy renovation, recommends starting with a preliminary technical visit to assess the feasibility of the planned work. This step makes it possible to identify technical constraints and obtain a detailed cost estimate.

It is also advisable to collect several quotes from RGE (Recognized Environmental Guarantor) certified professionals to compare offers and services. Then, certain administrative procedures, such as the prior declaration of work to the town hall, may be necessary depending on the type of work envisaged.

Maximize financial aid

To reduce the remaining costs as much as possible, it is possible to combine MaPrimeRénov' with other aid, such as the CEE bonus (Energy Savings Certificates). It is important to request these aids in the right order to optimize their total amount.

The simplified version of MaPrimeRénov' represents a significant opportunity for home owners in France to save energy and improve the comfort of their homes while contributing to the country's ecological transition.



Maprimerénov': How to Prepare Your File Before May 15

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