Man shot dead by German police in Hamburg after allegedly threatening with an ax

Man Shot Dead By German Police In Hamburg After Allegedly Threatening With Ax

German police shot and injured a threatening man with an ax and a Molotov cocktail in Hamburg, hours before a European Football Championship match.

Incident in Hamburg: An armed man neutralized by the police

German police opened fire on a man who threatened them with an ax and a Molotov cocktail in the port city of Hamburg on Sunday. The incident took place in the St. Pauli district, which is known to be lively, especially before the Group D match between the Netherlands and Poland as part of Euro 2024.

Details of the incident

According to police spokesman Thilo Marxsen, officers were forced to shoot after the man refused to put down his weapons. He was hit in the leg and hospitalized for his injuries. Fortunately, no other people were injured in this incident.

Marxsen clarified that there was no initial indication that this act was linked to the Euro 2024 match. The St. Pauli area was filled with fans who had come to watch the sporting event, which added additional tension to the situation.

A context of increased violence

This is not the first violent incident in Germany in recent days. Police shot dead an Afghan man on Friday after he killed a compatriot and injured three others who were watching a televised match between Germany and Scotland in a town in the country's east. Police said Sunday that the motive for the attack remained unclear.

Reactions and security measures

Local authorities have increased security measures around sporting events to prevent such incidents. Law enforcement is on high alert, especially in areas where large gatherings such as Euro 2024 matches are taking place.

For more information on this incident, you can view the original article at Business Standard.


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