Major projects: a vector of technicality and international legitimacy, according to Orso Vesperini (NGE)

Major Projects: A Vector of Technicality and International Legitimacy, According to Orso Vesperini (Nge)

The extension of line 11 between Mairie des Lilas and Rosny – Bois-Perrier, inaugurated on June 13, represents a crucial step for the NGE group. This project, started in 2016, marks NGE's entry into the underground works sector. Before that, NGE mainly focused on tunnel developments. Obtaining civil engineering and rail systems contracts has enabled NGE to develop its skills, notably using tunnel boring machines. This project in a hyper-urban area also required careful management of relations with local residents.

An ambitious and educational project

The extension of line 11 of the Paris metro is a major project which began in 2016. For the NGE group, this project marks a significant entry into the field of underground works. Before this period, NGE mainly specialized in the development of traditional tunnels, such as that of Saint-Béat in Haute-Garonne.

With the rise of metro, RER and LGV projects in France, the turnover of underground works has exploded, going from 300 million euros before 2015 to 3 billion euros annually thanks to Greater Paris. Obtaining the contracts for the extension of line 11 was a decisive turning point for NGE, allowing them to develop new technical skills.

Technical and human challenges

To carry out this project, NGE had to team up with specialists in the sector, such as the Swiss Implenia and the Italian Pizzarotti. Together, they learned to master the tunnel boring technique and trained their own pilots. The site presented several major challenges, including the construction of a station buried 30 meters deep at the foot of an 18-story tower.

The work also required delicate management of relations with local residents, especially during summer periods when the windows were open. The teams had to dig the galleries very slowly, at a rate of 60 cm per day, to minimize noise and vibration pollution.

Next challenge: line 15 west of Grand Paris

After the success of the extension of line 11, NGE is preparing to take on a new challenge with lot 2 of line 15 west of Grand Paris. This project is on an even larger scale and requires skill development in several areas. As a constructor, NGE is technically ready, but must still adapt to the design and construction of the underground superstructures with the railway part.

NGE anticipated this need by creating its subsidiary NGE Ingénierie, which actively participates in the design of the project in collaboration with the engineering group. In addition, this contract obliges NGE to take over certain prerogatives from the project owner, such as relations with elected officials and administrations, as well as obtaining building permits.

International experience and legitimacy

In addition to the line 11 and line 15 west projects, NGE is also involved in civil engineering lot GC04 of line 14 south and the second civil engineering lot of line 16 between Le Bourget RER and Clichy-Montfermeil. These achievements give NGE legitimacy in the underground works sector, both in France and internationally.

Thanks to this experience, NGE can now position itself on major projects abroad, such as those launched by Morocco for the construction of RER, TER and LGV lines as part of the 2030 Football World Cup. Other opportunities are also emerging in North America and Latin America.

In France, NGE pays particular attention to Metropolitan RER projects. Although these major projects represent only a modest part of the total volume of work, they allow NGE to structure itself and acquire valuable technical expertise.


Major Projects: A Vector of Technicality and International Legitimacy, According to Orso Vesperini (Nge)

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