The long-awaited shipment of the new Fujifilm begins

The Long-Awaited Shipment of the New Fujifilm Begins


FujiFilm's latest camera, the X100VI, is starting to ship to various countries around the world. This new version attempts to continue the success of its predecessors with significant improvements such as a 40-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and integrated image stabilization. With its improved tilting screen and an announced autonomy of 450 photos per charge, it promises to make an impression. It remains to be seen whether it will experience the same success as the previous model, the X100V.

Continued innovation in the X100 series

Since its launch, the FujiFilm X100 series has always been synonymous with innovation and quality. THE new model X100VI is no exception, introducing advanced features that meet the needs of professional and passionate amateur photographers. The introduction of in-body image stabilization is a major plus, providing more flexibility in low-light conditions without compromising image quality.

Key Features and Improvements

The X100VI stands out with several notable improvements over its predecessors. Besides the improved sensor and image stabilization, tilting screen now offers more positioning options, making it easier to shoot at difficult angles. Color fidelity and detail reproduction are also enhanced with new film simulation modes, including 'Reala Ace' mode.

Price and availability

The FujiFilm X100VI is now available for sale for A$2,899 in Australia. Its price reflects the technological improvements it brings, as well as its ability to deliver a high-quality photographic experience. Early user feedback suggests that this device may well follow in the successful footsteps of its predecessor.

For those looking to learn more about this camera or the upcoming limited release, additional information is available at the Channel News website.


The FujiFilm X100VI represents a milestone in the evolution of digital photography. With its innovative features and intuitive design, it is ready to conquer the market and provide photographers with an unparalleled experience. Only time will tell if this new model will reach the level of popularity of its predecessors, but it is undeniably promising.


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The Long-Awaited Shipment of the New Fujifilm Begins

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