Launch of the GBD-300: the new sports jewel of the G-SQUAD series by Casio

Launch of the Gbd-300: The New Sports Jewel of the G-Squad Series by Casio

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today launched the GBD-300, the latest product in the G-SQUAD sports series as part of the G-SHOCK shockproof watch series. This new watch is thin and compact, making it more comfortable for users to wear. The GBD-300 also offers convenient features for recording running activities and other physical exercise programs.

G-Shock GBD-300 model: A revolution in sports tracking

La G-SHOCK first appeared in 1983 as a sturdy watch that would not be damaged even if dropped. Since then, Casio has always improved the shock resistance characteristics, structure and design of the G-SHOCK. Equipped with data tracking features, the G-SQUAD sports watch series is a continuation of the G-SHOCK concept which has proven to be very popular.

Design and comfort: The key to success

The watch GBD-300 Features a simple, octagonal appearance with a slim and compact design, making it more comfortable to wear on the wrist. This shock-resistant watch offers practical features for sports: it allows you to record the distance traveled, number of steps, etc. The GBD-300's slim appearance is achieved through an impact-resistant structure that positions the central housing between two separate frames. On the other hand, the rear bezel, with its curved shape that covers the case, not only increases the watch's resistance to shocks, but also reduces the contact of the watch with the back of the user's hand. Additionally, the GBD-300 uses a flexible cover layer on the underside.

Advanced technology for optimal performance

On the cover of this watch, a soft urethane strap meets the bezel and follows the movement of the user's wrist to make it more comfortable to wear. The components of this watch strap that come into contact with the skin have a hollow structure. Thanks to this structure, the watch strap does not move or stick to the skin due to perspiration, making the GBD-300 very comfortable to wear.

Le GBD-300 also very precisely measures the distance traveled based on the number of steps thanks to an accelerometer and an algorithm specially designed by G-SHOCK. Additionally, the special application G-SHOCK MOVE really supports daily sports activities. This way, users can check data regarding the number of steps taken and calories burned by the body, as well as activity history (activity log).

A model for every style

Available models include the GBD-300-1, GBD-300-7, and the GBD-300-9. Each model offers the same advanced features while allowing users to choose a style that matches their personal preferences.


With the launch of the GBD-300, Casio continues to push the boundaries of innovation in sports watches. By combining elegant design and cutting-edge technologies, this watch promises to be an indispensable companion for every sports enthusiast.


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