APIC supports a review of the HCSF rules for financial innovation

Apic Supports A Revision Of Hcsf Rules For Financial Innovation

Caroline Arnould, head of the Professional Association of Credit Intermediaries (APIC), recently took part in a hearing concerning a proposed law aimed at revising the rules of the High Council for Financial Stability (HCSF). This legislative initiative, led by MP Lionel Causse, seeks to relax certain conditions of access to real estate financing, made more strict since spring 2022. APIC firmly supports this proposal, which aims in particular to modify the composition of the HCSF and to better take into account the remaining living expenses of households wishing to access property.

A bill to facilitate access to real estate credit

Caroline Arnould's hearing highlights the difficulties encountered by many French people in their real estate acquisition project. Indeed, despite a strong desire, particularly among 25-34 year olds, to access property, the criteria for granting credit have tightened, thus limiting their ability to realize this dream. The proposed law under examination intends to respond to this problem by proposing significant adjustments to the current functioning of the HCSF.

The challenges of the HCSF revision

The expansion of the composition of the HCSF is one of the key points of this bill. For APIC, this is an essential measure to guarantee adequate representation of purchasing households, faced with an increasingly inaccessible market. Caroline Arnould highlights the importance of listening to professionals in the sector, who, thanks to their privileged position, have a precise vision of the trends in the real estate market and the obstacles encountered by aspiring owners.

The issue of over-indebtedness, often put forward to justify the tightening of conditions of access to credit, is also called into question. Data from the Banque de France indicates that the majority of over-indebtedness cases do not concern owners, but rather tenants or people in accommodation.

A return to common sense in granting credit

The bill calls for a relaxation of the criteria for granting credit, allowing a more personalized assessment of borrowers' repayment capacity. This approach, more humane and realistic, could revitalize the rental investment and new property market, strongly impacted by current restrictions.

In conclusion, this legislative initiative represents a glimmer of hope for many French households wishing to access property. It demonstrates a political will to rethink financial regulation mechanisms to make them fairer and adapted to the economic and social reality of citizens.


Apic Supports A Revision Of Hcsf Rules For Financial Innovation

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