Jetstar Asia connects Broome to Singapore: a new era for Australian aviation

Jetstar Asia Connects Broome To Singapore: A New Era For Australian Aviation


Jetstar Asia (3K) launches a new seasonal international route between Broome and Singapore, becoming the only airline to offer scheduled international flights from Broome. This route, which will begin on June 25 and operate twice a week during the Kimberley dry season, will resume in April following its conclusion in October.

An open door to the international market for Broome

The town of Broome, located in the picturesque Kimberley region of Western Australia, is preparing to welcome a new international connection thanks to Jetstar Asia. The initiative marks a significant turning point for Broome International Airport, which had until now only hosted limited charter services to Singapore by SilkAir in 2018-19.

The advantages of the new road

This new direct connection to Singapore promises to provide residents of North West Australia with more convenient and cost-effective travel options. It also opens the region to a wider range of international visitors, providing an unprecedented opportunity for tourism and local business.

Government and local support

The Western Australian Government and Broome International Airport played a key role in bringing this project to fruition. Their collaboration highlights the importance of this initiative not only for Broome but also for the state as a whole, as a new international port of entry.

Impact on tourism and the local economy

The Singapore-Broome link is seen as a potential driver to boost the number of international visitors to North West Australia. The expected impact on accommodation, hospitality and local tourism businesses is significant, with significant economic benefits anticipated.

A long-term vision for Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia doesn't just connect Broome to Singapore; the airline is also planning to expand its presence in Western Australia. With the announcement of direct services from Perth to Singapore, Phuket and Bangkok, Jetstar is strengthening its commitment to Western Australia and its travellers.


Jetstar Asia's new Broome-Singapore route is much more than just an air connection; it symbolizes an opening to the world for Broome and an invitation to discover the wonders of the Kimberley. For international and local travelers, it is a promise of new adventures and enriching discoveries.


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