IPS 2024 highlights top real estate exhibitors from GCC countries — TradingView News

Ips 2024 Highlights the Best Real Estate Exhibitors in the GCC Countries — Tradingview News


The International Real Estate Show (IPS) 2024, celebrating its 20th anniversary, is set to take center stage at the Dubai World Trade Center from February 27-29. This flagship event provides a unique platform for exhibitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait, to showcase their real estate projects at a global audience of investors, home buyers and industry enthusiasts.

A window into the GCC property market

IPS 2024 attracts a diverse range of exhibitors and participants, highlighting projects such as The Sustainable City – Yiti from Oman, the Real Estate General Authority and the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing from Saudi Arabia , United Development Company of Qatar, YAS Real Estate Development of Bahrain, and Sawa United Company of Kuwait. This diversity is a testament to the continued dynamism and expansion of the real estate market in the GCC region.

A booming market

The GCC property market is on an upward trajectory, with a projected value of US$4.55 trillion by 2024. Growing demand for luxury properties, driven by high purchasing power and a favorable investment climate, highlights the potential for exhibitors at IPS 2024 to connect with leaders in the industry and explore investment opportunities on a global scale.

A global platform for real estate innovation

In collaboration with the Dubai Land Department, IPS 2024 has developed into a global platform that ensures diverse and enriching experiences for participants. This strategic collaboration highlights the commitment to presenting a holistic perspective on real estate and investment opportunities, thereby enhancing the value of the event for exhibitors and attendees.

Events and opportunities at IPS 2024

IPS 2024 introduces a full range of events, including the IPS Exhibition, IPS Conference, IPS Future Cities, IPS Connect, IPS Finance, IPS Women, IPS Youth, IPS Studio, IPS PropTech, and IPS Design. This multi-faceted approach highlights the commitment to innovation, knowledge exchange and networking within the real estate sector, providing exhibitors with unparalleled exposure.

For more information or to attend the IPS Congress, please visit www.ipscongress.com.


IPS 2024 represents an unparalleled opportunity for GCC real estate market players to showcase their projects, interact with global leaders and seize international investment opportunities. With significant growth projected for the GCC real estate market, this event promises to be a vital hub for innovation, collaboration and expansion in the global real estate sector.


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Ips 2024 Highlights the Best Real Estate Exhibitors in the GCC Countries — Tradingview News

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