I like Immo from April 2024: the latest innovations and advice for your real estate assets

I Like Immo from April 2024: The Latest Innovations and Advice for Your Real Estate Assets

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“I comme Immo”, your monthly meeting dedicated to real estate in Moselle, returns for its April edition with Cédric Lavaud and Véronique Dufaud. A collaboration between Moselle TV and La Semaine to explore news from the real estate market, legislation, taxation, and energy renovation. This month, discover insights on real estate investment, eco-renovation, and a focus on the art deco-style Villa Camoufle.

The real estate market in Moselle: a dynamic to understand

The Moselle, with its varied landscapes and its strategic position, attracts more and more investors and individuals wishing to settle there. Investing in real estate, driven by historically low interest rates until recently, has experienced significant growth. However, the current economic context calls for a more nuanced analysis of this trend.

Eco-renovation: a major issue

Energy renovation has become a priority for both public authorities and owners. The benefits of a eco-renovation are multiple: reduction of the carbon footprint, energy savings, and enhancement of real estate assets. Financial aid, such as MaPrimeRénov', facilitates this work, thus encouraging individual and collective initiatives.

Focus on Villa Camoufle: an architectural gem

Villa Camoufle, designed by C13 Architecture, is a remarkable example of heritage conservation while integrating modern eco-design elements. This project perfectly illustrates how traditional architecture can meet contemporary real estate challenges.

The interventions of Cedric Lavaud, president of the AMEPI File, and Véronique Dufaud, development director at Crédit Agricole Immobilier et Patrimoine, bring valuable expertise on these subjects, enriching the debate and offering innovative perspectives to viewers.


The real estate market in Moselle, with its regional specificities, represents fertile ground for informed investors and individuals looking for a home that combines comfort, durability and aesthetics. “I comme Immo” continues to play a key role in informing and guiding the public through the twists and turns of real estate, making each edition an essential source of information and advice.



I Like Immo from April 2024: The Latest Innovations and Advice for Your Real Estate Assets

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