How to protect digital devices from heat, water and sand in summer

How to Protect Digital Devices From Heat, Water and Sand in Summer

Because they are expensive for the wallet and especially for the planet, it is better to take care of your digital devices. According to SMAAART, a brand specializing in reconditioning de smartphones, computers and tablets, 80% of its environmental impact is linked to its manufacturing. In summer, these devices are subject to riskier conditions for their survival. It's not that they are necessarily fragile, but they are not resistant to any test either. Tempered glass protection on a screen doesn't protect it from everything. Neither does the hull. In some cases, it is even counterproductive. Pushed to their limits, our devices show signs that we must know how to decipher.

Why protecting your digital devices is crucial

Digital devices represent a significant financial investment and have a significant environmental impact. According to SMAAART, 80% of the ecological footprint of a digital device comes from its manufacturing. Thus, extending the lifespan of these devices is essential to reduce our carbon footprint.

The dangers of summer for your devices

In summer, digital devices are exposed to extreme conditions that can compromise their operation. While protections like tempered glass and cases are helpful, they are not foolproof. In fact, some cases can even be counterproductive by trapping heat.

Optimal temperatures and risks of overheating

The optimal temperature for using a digital device is between 0 and 35°C. Above 44°C, the risks increase considerably. Excessive exposure to heat can damage the screen, internal components, limit performance and cause system crashes. Additionally, the battery may deteriorate prematurely.

Practical tips for protecting your devices

To avoid damage caused by heat, adopt simple actions:

  • Never leave your device in direct sunlight. Always place it in the shade.
  • Avoid putting your device in the refrigerator in case of overheating. This could cause thermal shock.
  • Use suitable protective covers that allow good ventilation.
  • Turn off your device when not in use to avoid unnecessary overheating.

For more tips on protecting your digital devices, check out this comprehensive article on Yahoo Style.


Protecting your digital devices is not only good for your wallet, but also for the planet. By adopting simple habits and being alert to signs of overheating, you can extend the life of your devices and reduce their environmental impact.


How to Protect Digital Devices From Heat, Water and Sand in Summer

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