Holiday departures: record crowds this Saturday morning at Findel airport

Holiday Departures: Record Crowd This Saturday Morning At Findel Airport

The Easter weekend marks a peak of activity for Findel Airport, with thousands of travelers choosing Luxair to fly to sunny destinations. The first flights took off shortly after 6 a.m., serving popular locations including Spain, Malta and Portugal. With around 13.600 passengers expected during this period, favorite destinations include the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Porto, Rome and London. Luxair plans a significant increase in its flights, particularly with the start of the school holidays, and has already broken its passenger transport record in 2023.

Choosing your Easter holiday destination with Luxair

The Easter period is synonymous with renewal and escape for many travelers. Findel airport, thanks to Luxair, becomes the preferred departure point for those seeking to exchange the spring climate of Luxembourg for the heat of Mediterranean destinations or other sunny places. The craze for destinations such as Spain, Malta, Portugal, as well as the Canary and Balearic Islands, testifies to a constant quest for sun and relaxation.

Planning your trip: practical advice

To make the most of these popular destinations, a few tips may prove useful:

  • Anticipate your reservation : Places being particularly coveted during school holiday periods, it is advisable to reserve well in advance.
  • Explore connecting flight options : For more flexibility and sometimes more advantageous prices, consider flights with a stopover, particularly via Paris.
  • Find out about local activities : Each destination offers a unique range of experiences. A little preliminary research can considerably enrich your stay.

The advantages of traveling with Luxair

Traveling with Luxair during the Easter weekend has several advantages. The Luxembourg airline does everything possible to ensure a pleasant and smooth flight experience. Luxair stands out for the quality of its customer service, a modern fleet of 21 aircraft and a wide variety of destinations. The success of the carnival holidays and the influx of bookings for the summer demonstrate customer confidence and satisfaction.

Furthermore, the announcement of a new passenger transport record in 2023 highlights Luxair's continued growth and commitment to operational excellence. This remarkable performance is a guarantee of reliability for travelers, confirming Luxair as a preferred choice for their air travel.


The Easter weekend represents an ideal opportunity to escape and discover new destinations. Thanks to Luxair, travelers can benefit from a wide choice of sunny places, combining relaxation and discovery. By following a few practical tips and taking advantage of the services offered by Luxair, it is possible to have an unforgettable travel experience.


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Holiday Departures: Record Crowd This Saturday Morning At Findel Airport

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