11% growth in the Indian smartphone market in the first quarter of 2024: Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung in the lead

Growth of 11% in the Indian Smartphone Market in the First Quarter of 2024: Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung in the Lead

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Indian Smartphone Market Sees Continued Growth in Q2024 XNUMX

After Counterpoint's report highlighting the significant growth in the Indian smartphone market, with Vivo becoming the best-selling brand, International Data Corporation (IDC) also released a new study showing growth in the first quarter of 2024. The report states that the market India's smartphone industry shipped over 34 million smartphones in Q1 2024, registering a year-on-year growth of 11,5%. This also marks the third consecutive quarter of growth. This dynamic is mainly driven by the Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung brands, which dominate the massive budget smartphone segment, accounting for more than 53% of this segment.

Key trends in the Indian smartphone market

The entry-level smartphone segment saw a decline in shipments, with Xiaomi leading sales below $100, followed by Poco and Itel. Furthermore, the entry-premium smartphone market has boomed, now representing up to 23% of the total smartphone market share. This segment is dominated by Oppo and Realme.

In contrast, the mid-range smartphone category saw its market share decline by 46%, a similar trend seen in the premium segment with a 21% decline in units. Nonetheless, the premium smartphone market was led by the iPhone 13, Galaxy S23FE, Galaxy S23, iPhone 12, and OnePlus12. The most notable growth was highlighted in the super-premium smartphone market, with Apple and Samsung achieving the highest shipments with flagship models such as the iPhone 15 series, iPhone 14 series, Galaxy S24 series and the Galaxy S23.

Vivo has established itself as a leading competitor, overtaking companies like Samsung and Apple in the Indian smartphone market and becoming the number 1 smartphone brand in the country. While the first quarter was favorable for Samsung and Apple, the end of the year will bring more clarity on the overall performance of these smartphone brands with the arrival of the new iPhone 16 range and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series 6 later this year.

Tips for choosing your next smartphone

Faced with an abundant supply, it is crucial to consider your specific needs before purchasing a new smartphone. Whether you prioritize photography, gaming, or battery life, there's a model to suit every purpose. Do not hesitate to consult online buying guides and comparisons to make an informed choice.



Growth of 11% in the Indian Smartphone Market in the First Quarter of 2024: Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung in the Lead

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