Good news for Android Auto users: discover a brand new application

Good News For Android Auto Users: Discover A Brand New Application

eWeLink, an app for controlling smart homes from mobile devices, is now available on Android Auto. This integration allows users to activate predefined actions with a single click on the car screen, providing a smoother and distraction-free experience. Scenes must be configured on the smartphone to be accessible via Android Auto. This initiative is part of a growing trend where more and more developers are integrating their applications with Android Auto and CarPlay to provide continuity of use even while driving.


Systems like Android Auto and CarPlay allow users to stay connected to their apps while driving, either through voice commands when the vehicle is moving or via touchscreen when the vehicle is stationary. This continuity of use has become a priority for software developers around the world.

eWeLink comes to Android Auto

eWeLink, an application that allows you to control smart homes from mobile devices, recently announced its integration with Android Auto. Version 5.7 of the app includes this new feature, allowing users to activate predefined actions with a single click on their car's screen.

Features and Benefits

eWeLink integration with Android Auto brings essential actions at your fingertips. For example, if you want to open or close the garage door, you can find this action on Android Auto without having to pick up your mobile device. However, all scenes must be set up on your smartphone for the data to be available on Android Auto when the device is connected to the vehicle.

Update and installation

To get eWeLink on Android Auto, simply update the app to version 5.7 or later. Once the supported version is installed, the app icon should appear on Android Auto after connecting the mobile device to the vehicle. If the app doesn't appear, make sure eWeLink is up to date on your phone.

Expansion of the Android Auto ecosystem

Smart home applications find their place perfectly on phone mirroring systems like Android Auto and CarPlay. They allow users to control their smart home when arriving or leaving home without unlocking their mobile device, making simple actions like opening the garage door and turning on the lights easier and more convenient.

However, the Android Auto app ecosystem is poised to expand significantly in the coming months. A new project announced by Google at this year's I/O will allow apps designed for big screens to automatically land on Android Auto. Google says it will scan apps published on the Play Store to determine if they can be used in the car without additional modifications. The program will launch this year, and developers can already submit requests to have their apps scanned if they believe the software is ready for the automotive experience. The same program will also target Android Automotive, Google's embedded operating system for next-generation vehicles.


With the arrival of eWeLink on Android Auto, users can now enjoy an even more integrated and convenient smart home experience. This trend clearly shows that developers are looking to provide continuity of use, even on the go, which is great news for smart technology users.


Good News For Android Auto Users: Discover A Brand New Application

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