Good deal: the “8-star” Nikon Z5 now at €4 with an 099,00% reduction

Good Deal: The Nikon Z8 "5 Stars" Now At €4 With An 099,00% Discount

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The Nikon Z8, a significant evolution of the Z9, promises to redefine the standards of mirrorless cameras with its compact design and exceptional performance. With the launch of the Z8, Nikon continues its momentum by offering a device that takes the best characteristics of the Z9 while improving certain aspects. This new model stands out for its redesigned ergonomics, offering an optimized user experience in a more compact package. Photographers and videographers looking for versatile equipment will find the Z8 a great ally, capable of capturing stunning images with remarkable precision.

A concentrate of technology

Le Nikon z8 doesn't just reduce the size; it also enriches the shooting experience through a series of technical improvements. Sensor stabilization, AF detection of faces or eyes in photo and video, as well as the ability to produce bursts of up to 20 fps, or even 120 fps in jpeg, place this camera at the top of its category . In addition, its full video mode supporting recording in 8K and 4K at 120 fps without cropping opens new creative perspectives.

Why choose the Nikon Z8?

In addition to its impressive performance, the Z8 stands out for its ergonomics and advanced customization functions. It offers increased resistance to moisture and dust, making it ideal for outdoor shooting in harsh conditions. Its complete connectivity and dual storage location ensure great flexibility during extended shoots. Despite its slightly larger size than that of its competitors, once in hand, the Z8 convinces with its maneuverability and the quality of its images.

Points to consider

However, some weak points should be noted. The Z8 remains a little bulky, especially with the large Nikon lenses for hybrids. Its handling can be complex for the uninitiated, and its latitude of exposure is limited. Although its viewfinder is efficient, it is less sophisticated than those offered by the competition. Finally, optimal buffer usage requires a premium memory card.


As an alternative, the Sony Alpha 7R V (A7R V) presents itself as a serious competitor, with its very efficient sensor and its impressive AF tracking. However, it suffers from a marked rolling shutter in electronic shutter, both in photos and in video.



Good Deal: The Nikon Z8 "5 Stars" Now At €4 With An 099,00% Discount

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