Good deal: the 850-star Nikon D5 available for only €2

Good Deal: The 850-Star Nikon D5 Available for Only €2

The Nikon D850, a bare body which marks the third generation of its series, stands out for its ambition to become an essential reference in its segment. Thanks to the introduction of a new 45,7 MP sensor and an improved processor, this model promises exceptional performance in terms of image quality and responsiveness. Celebrating Nikon's centenary, the D850 is touted as a technological gem, capable of adapting to diverse photographic environments, from studios to polar landscapes, while excelling in photojournalism, weddings and portraiture.

Constant innovation in the world of photography

The Nikon D850 embodies excellence in SLR photography. With his impressive 45,7 Mpx sensor and an ability to achieve bursts of up to 9 frames per second, it offers unprecedented image quality and versatility. Her adjustable touch screen, combined with a 100% coverage viewfinder, ensures an optimal user experience, while its modern features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy, and dual SD and XQD card slots, reinforce its appeal among professionals and demanding amateurs.

Strengths and weaknesses of the Nikon D850

The D850 shines with its impeccable construction and high performance in ISO sensitivity, guaranteeing high quality shots even in low light conditions. However, the lack of built-in flash and the limitation of framing to an aspect ratio other than 16:9 may be seen as disadvantages for some users. In addition, although the D850 offers an 8K time-lapse function, the latter seems underused.

Alternatives on the market

Compared to the Nikon D850, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV presents itself as a notable alternative, offering a significant evolution with increased definition and Dual Pixel AF technology. Despite its strengths, especially in 4K video, it lacks certain advanced features. Furthermore, the rapid emergence of hybrid cameras, notably those from Sony and Fujifilm, represents serious competition, offering technological innovations in more compact bodies.

Towards a hybrid future?

The rapid evolution of mirrorless camera technology raises a pertinent question about the future of traditional SLRs. Models such as the Sony A7 range, with their innovative features and compactness, offer a credible alternative to SLRs for those who are ready to adopt electronic aiming. This transition to hybrids could redefine the preferences of professional and amateur photographers in the years to come.


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Good Deal: The 850-Star Nikon D5 Available for Only €2

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