Good deal: the 850-star Nikon D5 available at -14%

Good Deal: The 850-Star Nikon D5 Available At -14%

The Nikon D850, a device which marks the third generation of its series, stands out for its ambition to become an essential reference in the SLR segment. With its new 45,7 Mpx sensor and an improved processor, it promises smooth and efficient image management. Nikon engineers have put all their know-how into providing an almost perfect photographic experience, despite a few small flaws. This device is designed to suit a variety of environments, from photo studios to the Arctic Circle, photojournalism and weddings.

Exceptional image quality

The Nikon D850 shines with its exceptional image quality up to ISO 12, supported by an impressive resolving power. This performance is complemented by a burst capable of reaching 9 fps at 45 Mpx, which is remarkable for a device in this category. The construction of the case is also impeccable, offering a 100% coverage viewfinder, a touch and swivel screen, as well as an electronic liveview shutter. The device has dual SD and XQD card slots, enriching its storage and data transfer capabilities.

Connectivity and autonomy

With the integration of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy, the Nikon D850 makes it easy to share and transmit images. Its battery life, which can reach between 1 and 800 views, is a major asset for long photography sessions without the need for frequent recharging. The backlit keys add notable user comfort, especially in low light conditions.

Points to improve

However, the device has certain weak points such as loss of built-in flash, the absence of 16:9 framing, and an under-exploited 8K time-lapse. These elements may limit its use in certain specific situations.

Alternatives on the market

Faced with the Nikon D850, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV presents itself as a solid alternative, with increased definition and Dual Pixel AF technology. Despite its advantages, particularly in terms of connectivity and manufacturing quality, it shows limitations in video, particularly the absence of certain advanced features. Furthermore, the rapid evolution of the hybrid market, led by brands like Sony and Fujifilm, offers lighter options with innovative features. These alternatives are worth consideration before making a purchasing decision.

For those looking for a device that is rugged, versatile, and capable of producing high-quality images, the Nikon D850 remains a very competitive option. However, it is advisable to carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages against the specific needs and available alternatives.


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Good Deal: The 850-Star Nikon D5 Available At -14%

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