Get started on your real estate project now: tips and technological trends to follow

Get Started Now on Your Real Estate Project: Tips and Technological Trends to Follow


In a constantly evolving real estate market, Eric Allouche, executive director of ERA Immobilier France, shares valuable insights on the importance of not waiting to sell or buy real estate. His intervention in the latest episode of Mon Podcast Immo reveals that, despite fluctuations in interest rates and purchasing power, there are always opportunities for buyers and sellers, provided they are well informed and advised.

Understand the market to act effectively

Eric Allouche highlights an unavoidable reality of the real estate market: at the right price, everything is sold. This statement highlights the crucial importance of professional valuation in determining the fair price of a good, adapted to the current dynamics of supply and demand. The rise in interest rates, from 1% to 4%, has certainly changed the landscape for potential buyers, but that does not mean it is impossible to sell or buy.

Allouche's advice to sellers is clear: not to wait can prove beneficial, especially considering that selling cheaper today could mean buying cheaper too. This is a perspective that deserves attention, especially in a context where buyers take their time, carefully analyzing their options before making a decision.

Sales criteria not to be neglected

Before putting a property up for sale, several questions must be asked: Is my property at market price? Is it attractive enough? What about its energy performance? These elements are essential to attracting buyers in a market increasingly aware of the importance of energy efficiency. Indeed, some buyers even exclude properties classified F or G from their searches, which underlines the importance of improving the energy performance of a property before it is put up for sale.

Buying real estate, a personal decision above all

Eric Allouche recalls that the purchase of real estate is above all a matter of love. Interest rates, although an important factor, should not be the only decision criterion. If a property meets your needs and desires, it would be wise to seriously consider it, regardless of market fluctuations. After all, buying real estate remains a safe bet, especially compared to paying rent.

Regarding investment in low energy performance goods, known as “thermal sieves”, Allouche advises a rigorous evaluation. It is possible to negotiate the purchase price taking into account the cost of the work necessary to improve energy performance, thus transforming a potential disadvantage into a financial advantage.


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Get Started Now on Your Real Estate Project: Tips and Technological Trends to Follow

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