FloQast announces strategic consulting partnership with PwC UK to expand financial transformation capabilities in the region

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FloQast, a finance and accounting operations platform built by accountants for accountants, today announced a strategic consulting partnership with PwC UK, a global leader in assurance, advisory and tax services. This collaboration combines the power of the FloQast platform with PwC's deep expertise to transform critical accounting and finance processes, including financial close and compliance management and internal controls.

A strategic alliance to transform accounting

The recent announcement of the partnership between FloQast and PwC UK marks a turning point in the field of accounting and finance in Europe. This strategic partnership aims to accelerate enterprise financial transformation, with a focus on improving the accuracy, speed and audit readiness of accounting and finance teams.

Current challenges for financial teams

Businesses today face considerable pressure to transform their accounting and finance operations. The goal is twofold: to increase the accuracy of financial data and provide more valuable insights to guide organizational strategy. This includes strengthening internal controls to comply with regulations, be audit-ready and protect the business.

FloQast's answer

FloQast addresses these needs by providing accounting teams with a wealth of resources to improve communication and transparency, automate time-consuming tasks, and ensure financial accuracy. This allows teams to work collaboratively, reducing errors and speeding up reporting and compliance processes.

The role of PwC UK

PwC UK’s deep understanding of financial transformation, regulatory environments and industry-specific challenges will enrich the partnership by providing tailored advisory services to clients seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy.

A shared commitment to operational excellence

“We are extremely excited to begin this journey with FloQast to help businesses across the UK and EMEA accelerate their financial transformations and deliver operational excellence in accounting,” said Lauren Cottier, Partner at PwC UK.

This collaboration builds on PwC UK's commitment to providing exceptional client service and FloQast's commitment to innovation, forming a strong foundation for their strategic partnership.

About FloQast and PwC

FloQast enables organizations to operationalize accounting excellence and is trusted by more than 2 accounting teams around the world. PwC, for its part, is committed to building trust in society and solving important problems, with a network of firms in 600 countries and more than 152 people.


This partnership between FloQast and PwC UK represents a significant step forward for finance and accounting teams, delivering innovative solutions to address contemporary industry challenges. By combining cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, they are well-positioned to transform finance and accounting operations across Europe.


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Floqast Announces Strategic Advisory Partnership With Pwc Uk To Expand Financial Transformation Capabilities In The Region

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