Scalable demand: key driver of NRI investment in Indian real estate

Scaling Demand: Main Driver Of NRI Investment In Indian Real Estate


Thanks to the growing prosperity of the Indian diaspora around the world, the real estate sector in India has witnessed a growing and evolving demand among the ultra-rich NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). Their preferences, fueled by an interconnected world, increased availability of sustainable options, world-class infrastructure, and favorable price differentials, make real estate investment in India a promising buy for NRIs on several fronts. According to recent reports, there has been a 35% increase in investments by NRIs in the Indian residential real estate market.

An attractive investment opportunity for NRIs

NRIs, with rising incomes from higher-paying jobs and successful businesses abroad, see India as a big real estate investment opportunity. These homes represent lucrative rental income generating assets for them as appreciation in India is higher than in other markets. The monetary advantage also remains a catalyst to encourage investment from other countries.

Evolving Preferences of NRIs

There was a time when vacation homes were considered indulgent purchases. Today, they seem to be the norm for individuals looking to spend their time doing different things in different parts of the world. Access to the inner lives of the ultra-luxurious through the influencer media space has opened up possibilities among the wealthy to build their dream homes. Many NRIs who have already purchased or own real estate in India also favor buying a second or even a third house.

Easier management and technological advances

The Indian real estate segment has evolved to incorporate modern technology. There are many service providers available to manage their assets. They can monitor their properties remotely via CCTV. Even payments and winnings can be paid or viewed digitally, making investing much more manageable and hassle-free.

Infrastructure (physical and digital)

As highlighted in this year's budget, the Indian government has been launched into an infrastructure development spree. The convenient physical infrastructure available today in many cities across India has enabled many NRIs with doubts about Indian infrastructure to overcome their inhibitions. The digital infrastructure has also undergone huge changes, giving NRIs the confidence to return to India with their entire families without causing any disruption to their lifestyle.

Sustainable options

Today, India is at the forefront of global discussions on tackling climate change and achieving its Sustainable Development Goals. This prosperity is the result of innovations in the field of sustainable development. Eco-conscious NRIs can purchase the most luxurious homes in the world while taking care not to damage local ecosystems, right here in India.

When NRIs buy houses in India, the investments support the country's economy. Foreign investment is an important source of financing for the Indian economy. NRIs can now actively participate in the Indian real estate industry and benefit from its rapid expansion and dynamism.


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Scaling Demand: Main Driver Of NRI Investment In Indian Real Estate

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