Event'immo in Lyon: the 5th edition focuses on the mindset of real estate agents

Event'immo In Lyon: The 5th Edition Focuses On The Mindset Of Real Estate Agents

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On June 13 in Lyon, Event'immo is organizing its 5th edition, a flagship event dedicated to strengthening the mindset of real estate agents. This meeting aims to equip real estate professionals with the latest strategies and innovations to optimize their performance and their customer approach. An unmissable event for those who want to stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving sector.

A day to transform your vision of real estate

This year's event highlights the importance of positive and dynamic mindset to succeed in the world of real estate. Conferences and workshops will be led by recognized experts, sharing their advice on how to adopt a winning mentality in the face of market challenges.

The keys to successful adaptation

In an industry where competition is fierce, adapting quickly to changes is crucial. The event will address various themes such as new technologies, innovative sales techniques and the importance of customer relations. Essential topics for stand out and thrive.

Renowned speakers

Participants will have the opportunity to listen and discuss with emblematic figures of the real estate sector. These moments of sharing are a precious source of inspiration and learning, allowing us to see real estate from a new perspective.

An investment in your professional development

Participating in this event represents a significant investment in your own professional development. It offers a unique opportunity to network with peers, to discover cutting-edge tools and methods, and to refine its commercial strategy to better meet customer expectations.

Why attend?

In addition to the knowledge and skills acquired, this event is a catalyst for motivation. Meeting professionals who share the same values ​​and challenges stimulates innovation and creativity, essential elements to stand out in today's real estate market.

Pratical information

For those interested, it is advisable to reserve your place as soon as possible, as the event is highly anticipated. All information regarding registration and the detailed program are available on the official event website.


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Event'immo In Lyon: The 5th Edition Focuses On The Mindset Of Real Estate Agents

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