Escape: ten secret destinations in France and Europe far from the crowds

Escape: Ten Secret Destinations in France and Europe Far From the Crowds

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Looking for unique escapes in France and Europe, far from the tourist hustle and bustle? This article guides you to ten alternative destinations promising a change of scenery and authenticity. Discover breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as diverse activities for an unforgettable experience.

Explore the Morvan regional natural park for a natural immersion

Le Morvan regional natural park, nestled in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, is an oasis for nature enthusiasts. Between hiking, cycling or horse riding, and water sports, this place is a green setting where local gastronomy enriches the experience.

Discovery of Matera, the troglodyte city

Matera, this troglodyte city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a dive into a thousand-year-old history. The houses carved into the rock and the surrounding landscapes are simply breathtaking. A gastronomic stop in Basilicata is essential to savor the local specialties.

Puglia: an Italian haven of peace

The Puglia region, with its magnificent beaches and picturesque villages, embodies the Italian dolce vita. It is an invitation to discover local culture and gastronomy in a peaceful setting.

Nordic adventure in Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands offer a natural spectacle of fjords and mountains, with the possibility of observing the Northern Lights. This northern paradise is ideal for hiking, fishing and bird watching.

Coimbra, a Portuguese treasure

Coimbra, the former capital of Portugal, is rich in historical and cultural treasures, including its university library classified by UNESCO. The city is also the birthplace of traditional Fado music.

Connemara: the essence of Ireland

Connemara, with its wild and unspoiled landscapes, is the beating heart of Ireland. Between lakes, mountains and traditional pubs, discover Irish authenticity.

The Cévennes National Park: a natural refuge

Le Cevennes national park, located in Occitanie, is a sanctuary for nature lovers, offering hiking, horse riding or cycling, and exceptional flora and fauna.

Gozo: a preserved Maltese island

The island of Gozo, quieter than Malta, is a jewel of the Mediterranean with its turquoise waters, its preserved nature and its thousand-year-old history.

Maramureș: traveling through time in Romania

Maramureș is a region where time seems to have stood still, with its authentic villages and wooden churches. An ancestral journey to discover preserved traditions.

The Northern Vosges: between castles and nature

The Vosges du Nord regional natural park is the ideal place to recharge your batteries, thanks to its hikes, the discovery of medieval castles and remarkable biodiversity.


Escape: Ten Secret Destinations in France and Europe Far From the Crowds

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