Escape the heat with the “coolcation”: a new travel trend

Escape The Heat With “Coolcation”: A New Travel Trend

The “coolcation”: a new trend to escape the heat

Do you know the “ coolcation » ? This new trend, whose name is a contraction of “cool” and “vacation”, is taking off around the world. It consists of traveling to places where it is cool in order to escape the heat, according to the Japanese media Nikkei Asia. This new way of choosing vacation destinations could quickly become a success, as temperatures rise around the world.

A rise in popularity

According to Google Trends data, searches for the words “cooler vacation” increased by 100% between May 2023 and May 2024. According to Nikkei Asia, the reservation platform is now highlighting more cool destinations for 2024. The same goes for the luxury travel agency network Virtuoso, according to which 82% of customers plan to travel to places with more breathable temperatures.

Popular destinations

The trend is already well established in Asia. In recent months, a growing number of tourists have now turned to destinations like Alaska, Canada and Norway, abandoning the beaches of Thailand or Bali. The mild temperatures, even in summer, as well as the amount of sunshine in the Nordic countries are among the arguments that are now very convincing for tourists.

Varied activities

Among the new favorite vacation spots for Asians, we find Banff (Canada), Queenstown (New Zealand) and all of Norway. Greenland, the Finnish Lapland and Iceland are also very popular. The change of scenery and cooler temperatures provide an opportunity for travelers to try new activities such as snowshoeing, skiing or even whale watching.

“Get on board the Glacier Express in Switzerland, admiring the Northern Lights in Iceland, seeing a bear in the wild in Canada, are all special experiences that we cherish,” says a tourist to Nikkei Asia. “The cold also makes us more active […] unlike hot weather which exhausts us. »

Economic options

Those with a more modest budget stay on the Asian continent and turn to destinations like Sapa (Vietnam), Tagaytay (Philippines) or the Cameron Highlands (Malaysia). If this new trend serves the economy of certain formerly isolated regions well, it could however have a negative impact on fragile ecosystems, warn experts.


The “coolcation” represents an attractive alternative for those looking to escape the summer heat while discovering new cultures and landscapes. However, it is crucial to consider environmental impacts and choose sustainable travel options to preserve these precious destinations.


Escape The Heat With “Coolcation”: A New Travel Trend

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