Does analog photography make sense in 2024? Pentax says yes and launches a new retro device

Does Analog Photography Make Sense in 2024? Pentax Says Yes and Launches a New Retro Camera

The comeback of analog is undeniable. Vinyl, audio cassettes, VHS and film photography are increasingly appealing to those seeking less immediate experiences than digital. The Pentax brand is part of this trend with the launch of the Pentax 17, a new analog camera.

The renaissance of analog

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in analog technologies. Vinyl records, audio cassettes, VHS and film photography are coming back to the forefront. This phenomenon is explained by a quest for authenticity and nostalgia, but also by a desire to slow down the frantic pace imposed by digital technology.

Pentax 17: A time machine

Pentax recently announced the launch of the Pentax 17, its first analog camera in twenty years. This camera stands out for its total absence of modern digital features: no USB port, no digital screen, no storage on SD card or internal memory. Everything is done the old-fashioned way, with 35mm film, a crank to manually rewind the film and two mode dials to compensate exposure and adjust ISO sensitivity.

Technical specifications

La Pentax 17 can capture two 17 x 24 mm images on the same frame, doubling the capacity of a roll of 36 negatives to reach 72 photos. Its fixed lens, inspired by the Pentax Espio Mini, is a 25 mm f/2.8 with a focal length equivalent to 37 millimeters in universal format.

Other notable features include a zone focus system, offering six preset distances ranging from 25 centimeters in macro mode to infinity. The camera also offers six shooting modes, including slow-speed sync.

A passion investment

Available now in specialized stores, the Pentax 17 is priced at 549,99 euros. A cost that may seem high, but which reflects the quality and precision of this camera designed for film photography enthusiasts.

For those who want to rediscover the pleasure of analog photography, the Pentax 17 offers an authentic and immersive experience. It allows you to reconnect with the gestures and sensations of yesteryear, while benefiting from current technological advances in optical design.

Why choose analog today?

The return to analog isn't just about nostalgia. It is also an artistic and philosophical approach. By choosing analog, you agree to take the time, to think about each shot, to enjoy the wait for the photos to develop. It's a way of reconnecting with the very essence of photography.

In addition, analog offers unique image quality, with nuances and textures that digital sometimes struggles to reproduce. Each photo becomes a unique piece, marked by the imperfections and the vagaries of the chemical process.


In short, the Pentax 17 fits perfectly into this trend of returning to analog. It offers photography enthusiasts a rare opportunity to rediscover the joys of traditional shooting, while benefiting from the quality and reliability of a recognized brand.


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Does Analog Photography Make Sense in 2024? Pentax Says Yes and Launches a New Retro Camera

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