DJI is doubling down on teasing: a new drone on the way and the arrival of a new Ronin

Dji Redoubles Its Teasing: A New Drone Approaching And The Arrival Of A New Ronin


DJI has shared two new product teasers with unusually revealing images, giving us a good idea of ​​what to expect in the upcoming announcements. Drone enthusiasts will be particularly excited by the “Ready to Take Off” teaser, setting a launch date of April 11 at 9:00 a.m. EDT. The animation clearly shows a drone looking a lot like the current DJI Avata, which has also recently dropped in price, suggesting a possible update. Another announcement, titled “Focus on Vision,” scheduled for April 9, highlights DJI's Ronin line, known for its camera stabilizers. These announcements promise to bring significant innovations in the field of drones and camera equipment.

The expected new features from DJI

The “Ready to take off” teaser suggests the arrival of a new drone which could either be an update of the DJI Avata, or a completely new model aimed at replacing the Ryze Tello drone, aimed at a more novice audience. The clip shows a drone performing a flip, indicating improved flight capabilities and a sleeker design compared to its predecessor.

Focus on vision: a new horizon for gimbals

The other teaser, “Focus on Vision,” appears to highlight the next generation of DJI's Ronin series camera stabilizers. These gimbals have revolutionized the use of heavy cameras, like DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, by making them easier to handle for smooth shots. The teaser image explicitly includes Ronin branding, suggesting significant improvements in control, app integration, and perhaps even size.

What does this mean for tech enthusiasts?

These announcements from DJI are highly anticipated, as they promise to bring notable advancements to the already dynamic world of drones and camera equipment. For drone enthusiasts, the possible update of the DJI Avata or the introduction of a new model could mean even more impressive flight capabilities and an innovative design. As for videographers, a new generation of Ronin gimbals could further simplify professional video making, making stabilization technology accessible to a wider range of users.

Stay tuned for more news on April 9 and 11, where DJI is expected to reveal all the details of these long-awaited products.


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Dji Redoubles Its Teasing: A New Drone Approaching And The Arrival Of A New Ronin

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