RCB app and website crash before launch of new jersey: here's fans' reaction

Rcb App And Website Crash Before Launch Of New Jersey: Here's Fans' Reaction


Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) fans faced technical difficulties as the team's app and website crashed just ahead of the reveal of a new jersey and logo for the 2024 Indian Premier League . This outage, which occurred during the live broadcast of the event, sparked a wave of reactions on social networks. Virat Kohli, the star of the team, was seen wearing the new jersey, signaling the start of the #RCBUnbox event. This incident highlights the immense popularity of RCB and the anticipation around its new initiatives.

The excitement around RCB's new equipment

The reveal of Royal Challengers Bangalore's new jersey and logo was highly anticipated by fans, leading to a massive influx of traffic on the team's official app and website. Unfortunately, this high demand led to technical outages, preventing many supporters from accessing live content. Reactions on social media quickly reflected the frustration and excitement of fans, eager to discover what's new from their favorite team.

Virat Kohli, at the heart of the event

A post shared by RCB showed Virat Kohli entering Chinnaswamy Stadium, vêtu du nouveau maillot, ce qui a encore augmenté l’anticipation autour de l’événement. La présence de Kohli, surnommé “Le Roi dans son Royaume”, a souligné l’importance de cet événement pour l’équipe et ses supporters.

Performances and special guests

The RCB Unbox event wasn't just about the jersey and logo reveal; it also included star performances such asAlan Walker, Raghu Dixit and Neeti Mohan. Moreover, the participation of Virat Kohli and Smriti Mandhana, along with the recent victory of the RCB women's team in the Women's Premier League (WPL) 2024, added to the overall excitement.

This situation highlighted not only the fans' passion for RCB but also the technical challenges that can arise with organizing large-scale live events. The team had to act quickly to resolve issues and ensure access to much-anticipated content.


Despite the technical hurdles, the RCB Unbox 2024 event will be remembered as a highlight for the team and its supporters. It not only symbolizes a new chapter for Royal Challengers Bangalore with its new jersey and logo but also strengthens the bond between the team and its dedicated fan base.


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Rcb App And Website Crash Before Launch Of New Jersey: Here's Fans' Reaction

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