Capfrance broadens its horizon: 5 new destinations join the network

Capfrance Expands Its Horizon: 5 New Destinations Join the Network

Capfrance, the network of independent holiday villages and hotel clubs, is expanding with five new destinations. These additions reinforce its commitment to tourism close to nature and the territory, offering authentic and environmentally friendly stays.

An expansion that reflects strong values

Capfrance's recent expansion highlights its continued commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism. By integrating five new establishments, the network is enriching its offer of authentic stays, highlighting unique experiences in harmony with nature and the expectations of travelers. This approach is part of a desire to promote tourism that is more respectful of the environment and local communities.

Focus on the Domaine du Lac de Soursac

Le Domaine du Lac de Soursac, located in Corrèze, is a perfect example of this philosophy. This haven of peace offers an ideal getaway to recharge your batteries while discovering local treasures. The adoption of 100% Made in Corrèze products and the reopening of a grocery store and a restaurant demonstrate its strong territorial roots and its positive impact on the local economy.

The Domaine de la Cabane Verte and the Hôtel Armoric

The Domaine de la Cabane Verte, on the banks of Lac des Settons, and the Hôtel Armoric, in the heart of the Breton Riviera, also illustrate Capfrance's commitment to local development and sustainable tourism. These establishments encourage meetings with local artisans and invite you to discover the cultural and natural riches of their respective regions.

Innovation at the service of sustainable tourism

Capfrance is not just expanding its network; the organization is constantly innovating to offer stays that combine comfort, discovery and respect for the environment. The emphasis on short circuits, the promotion of local products and eco-responsible practices are at the heart of its development strategy.

Promising future prospects

With these new destinations, Capfrance strengthens its position as leader in the family market and continues to innovate in sustainable tourism. Expansion projects and the emphasis on the CSR approach confirm its desire to offer vacations that make sense, both for travelers and for welcoming regions.


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Capfrance Expands Its Horizon: 5 New Destinations Join the Network

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